Experts warn … the Corona virus vaccine will not prevent disease and death

Scientists have warned that the Coronavirus vaccine will not prevent disease and death, explaining that the experiments conducted by the world‘s leading pharmaceutical companies are not strong enough to ensure that lives are saved.

According to a newspaper report “mirrorBritish scientists have warned that a vaccine forCovid-19 It will not prevent people from getting sick and dying.

Coronavirus vaccine does not protect against disease

Many vaccines have entered the more advanced stage of testing – known as “Stage III” – and their effectiveness may be announced in the near future, but trials are only investigating in mild cases, not whether they will help the most vulnerable, according to a report by the British Medical Journal (BMJ)BMJ).

And since the start of the pandemic COVID-19 Scientists are trying to find an effective vaccine for the viral disease, now, and it appears that there is a beam of light at the end of a long, dark tunnel, and despite suffering from many setbacks, many vaccines are now in the final stages of experiments.

Dr Peter Duchy, associate editor at the British Medical Journal said: “None of the trials currently underway have been designed to detect any reduction in any serious outcome such as hospitalization, intensive care use or deaths, and vaccines are not being studied to determine whether they can stop transmission of the virus. .

Vaccines are being tried by some of the world‘s leading pharmaceutical companies, including: Pfizer And Modern And Johnson & JohnsonAnd the researchers found that the people participating in the trials had only mild symptoms, which means they tested positive for B. Covid-19 And they have a cough.

Dr. Doshi said: “Most of the people who suffer from infection Covid-19 Those with symptoms have only mild symptoms. Even trials involving 30,000 patients or more will show relatively few cases of severe disease. “

Moderna, for example, has described hospitalization as a “major secondary endpoint,” but its experience does not have the statistical power to assess it, the company’s chief medical officer, Dr. Tal Sachs, told the newspaper. BMJ.

Dr. Doshi added: “The hospitalizations and deaths from Covid-19 It is simply very uncommon among the population studied for an effective vaccine to show statistically significant differences in the experience of 30,000 people, and the same is true regarding whether it can save lives or prevent transmission: trials are not designed to find out.

Dr. Zacks stressed that the size and duration of the trial need to increase “significantly” to prove that the vaccine will actually prevent hospitalization, adding while speaking to the British Medical Journal: “I do not think that either of these two matters is acceptable in light of the current general need to know that the vaccine works quickly.

And an experiment was designed Modern To see if the vaccine can prevent disease Covid-19For example, influenza vaccines protect against severe disease better than mild disease.

Dr. Doshi said: “Regarding to Modern The same applies to Covid-19If their vaccine is proven to reduce symptoms Covid-19 They can feel confident that it also protects against dangerous consequences. “

Dr Duchi said: “If vulnerable elderly people are not recorded in vaccine trials in sufficient numbers to determine whether there is a decrease in cases in this population, there can be little basis for assuming any benefit against hospitalization or death, and according to the researchers, there is still. Ample time to ensure that the trials address these issues.


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