Experts Remind Monkeypox Must Be Eliminated Before It Becomes Endemic

Monkeypox has spread to 59 countries or regions.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA — The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) noted that as of Monday (11/7/2022), there were 1,735 cases monkey pox in the UK, with 96 per cent occurring in the UK. Cases are expected to double every 15 days.

The continued soaring cases of monkeypox have prompted various organizations to demand the government to be more serious about stopping the spread of the virus. The British Association of Sexual Health & HIV and the Terrence Higgins Trust Foundation are among those calling for outbreak control and increased vaccination.

President of the British Association of Sexual Health & HIV, Dr Claire Dewsnap said that the current condition had reached a critical point. Therefore, there needs to be more serious and comprehensive efforts in controlling the spread of monkeypox cases.

“Sexual health services are now overwhelmed. This puts us on the brink of a new public health crisis,” said Dr Dewsnap. ExpressThursday (14/7/2022).

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