Experts recommend that children include reading books in their letters to the Magi


Experts from the Vithas Xanit International Hospital of Benalmádena (Malaga) recommend that the little ones include reading books among their requests in the letter to the Three Kings.

Dr. Rocío Juárez y Ruiz de Mier, a child psychologist at the Vithas Xanit International Hospital, has argued that we must make sure that the little ones “do not make an endless list of toys and that everything they ask of their Majesties is important and they like, but, furthermore, reading books cannot be absent from the letter of the Magi “.

The letter, according to the specialist, should be as varied as possible and the fact that children receive a book among their gifts increases their motivation to read.

“Reading is a complex process that stimulates neural connections, promoting not only an improvement in children’s cognitive development such as vocabulary amplitude, linguistic expression, attention span, concentration and memory, but also favors the development of other aspects such as imagination, creativity, empathy or understanding oneself and the environment, “added the doctor.

In addition, it is important that children have their own tastes and ask the Magicians of the East for their favorite books: “Our goal should be for the child to have fun with reading, in order to avoid apathy and refusal to read”, stressed Dr. Juarez.

On the other hand, experts from the Vithas Xanit International Hospital point out that the excessive use of mobiles or tablets can cause the degree of interest in reading to decrease among the little ones. For her part, Dr. Juárez clarifies that “family involvement is essential to work on positive attitudes and behaviors towards reading.”

“Exposing the child to a greater number of experiences that allow the development of knowledge and skills related to reading is decisive for their future learning. Therefore, we must not limit the reading exercise to the school environment”, explained the specialist, who has added that “the home is a decisive environment for literacy development, thereby allowing children to enhance their reading habits and resources.”

For the little ones to take an interest in reading, Dr. Rocío Juárez has indicated that “a time dedicated specifically to reading should be introduced during the Christmas holidays.” “Before going to sleep it can be a good time to read a Christmas story,” he said, adding that they should offer “shared readings and ask them questions about what they read or do recreations of the story as a family.”

“Creating a climate of tranquility during reading helps, just as it is important for them to see their family members reading books, looking at magazines, among others, and to help them become interested in different types of reading appropriate to their age. Children can read collections of stories or stories to improve their adherence to reading. In addition, as far as possible, we can attend with them during these vacation days to libraries or bookstores, “concluded the specialist.


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