Experts: People with blood group zero are more resistant to covid

Experts have also found that people with “zero” have a lower risk of serious complications such as organ failure or even death in Covid-19. Two independent studies have revealed why the virus is deadly to some, while others do not even know they have been infected. The portal informed about it Mirror.

A team of researchers compared data from the Danish health register of more than 473,000 registered who were tested for covid with a control group of more than 2.2 million of the general population.

Among people with blood group 0, they were significantly less positive for coronavirus than for blood types A, B and AB. According to the researchers, the results were similar between the three groups.

The study director, Torben Barington of the University Hospital in Odense, Denmark, said that “it is very important to choose the right control group, as the predominance of blood groups can vary considerably across ethnic groups and countries.”

“We have the advantage of a strong control group. Denmark is a small, ethnically homogeneous country with a public health system and a central registry of laboratory data. Our control is therefore population-based, which gives our findings a solid basis,” says Barington.

The fact that the blood type can affect how serious the course of the infected disease will be is also confirmed by Czech experts. They refer, for example, to the article Experiences from Wuhan, published by several prestigious scientific journals.

People who have group A and AB are more prone to pulmonary complications. On the contrary, those who have zero are less prone. However, the blood group is only one of the factors and one factor will not affect the severe course of the disease. The others are diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, gender or age, “Senator and hematology expert Jaroslav MalĂ˝ told

A type of study of 95 critically ill patients with covid in Vancouver, Canada found that blood groups A and AB have a higher risk of severe symptoms than patient 0 or B. According to scientists, they would need lung ventilation rather than other blood types in case of infection. They are also at risk of higher levels of lung damage or kidney failure, which would then require them to undergo dialysis.

Groups And AB also have an overall higher risk of organ failure due to coronavirus infection. They also stay in intensive care units longer, which, according to Canadian scientists, may signal a more serious course of the disease.

The head of the second study, Mypinder Sekhon from the University of British Columbia, claims that a unique part of the study is the focus on the severity of blood group influence on Covid-19.

“We have observed this damage to the lungs and kidneys, and in future studies we will want to suppress the effect of blood type and Covid-19 on vital organs,” Sekhon said. As the pandemic progresses, scientists say it is crucial to find out what affects the severity of the disease and to what extent it can be influenced or suppressed.


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