Experts displeased with dancing at parties: “Especially if you …


The virologists from the GEES expert group are not happy with the admission to dancing at wedding parties. “You should do this especially if you want a flare-up of the virus again,” Erika Vlieghe tells VRT NWS.

If you plan to get married in the coming months, you will have to move from Security Council to Security Council in search of news. Looking for an admission for what looks like a marriage. Each time the rules were relaxed a bit, but one aspect was forbidden: dancing. Until yesterday the crisis center suddenly said that it was allowed. As long as you stay at a meter and a half or dance with the people from your bubble. “Practice” for many couples and even more wedding planners and party hall operators.

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It now appears that the experts are not at all set up with this permission. Professor Erika Vlieghe, chairman of the GEES exit group, is displeased. According to Vlieghe, this has not been discussed. “This opens the gate to old-style weddings and that is dangerous now,” Vlieghe told VRT NWS. “Our advice was clear not to do this. We didn’t envision this when we made an opening to enable parties. ”

Vlieghe explains how people at such a wedding party get closer to each other, breathe faster, shout to rise above the music and sing along … “It is not without reason that we have drawn up so many rules in the culture sector to ensure it is safe. to expire. Now would we allow all that in the private sphere? I do not understand that.”

Erika Vlieghe outlines the risks again: “If one person is infected without knowing it, this can be one superspreading event turn into. If you want to get the epidemic going again quickly, you should do this above all. ”

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