Experts Believe Russia’s Attack on Ukraine as Putin’s Exercise for War Against NATO

Russian expert Alexei Fenenko revealed on Russian TV stations that Russia’s attack on Ukraine was a rehearsal for the war against NATO. (Source: Russia-1 Via Daily Star)

Writer : Haryo Jati | Editor : Ivory Persada

MOSCOW, KOMPAS.TV – A Russian expert said the Russian attack on Ukraine was believed to be a rehearsal before waging a war against NATO.

This was revealed by Professor Alexei Fenenko, a leading researcher from the Institute for International Security Studies at a Russian TV station.

Fenenko’s statement hinted that the next conflict that Russia would do was to engage in a conflict against NATO.

As is well known, the Kremlin has not officially declared the invasion of Ukraine to be war.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin even emphasized that the attack on Ukraine was a special military operation.

Fenenko’s remarks on Russian TV are surprising because news channels in Russia are controlled by the state, and very rarely contradict what the Kremlin wants them to convey.

Speak on the discussion panel for Russia-1Fenenko continued to use the term war.

“For us, the war in Ukraine is like an exercise. Exercise for the great conflict in the future,” he said, quoted from Daily Star.

“We will try and test NATO weapons with ours. We will find out on the battlefield which is stronger between our weapons and theirs. This may be a learning experience for future conflicts,” he added.

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