Experimental musicians from Ukraine will perform at Madonna / Diena

In collaboration with MABOCA, the event is organized by the association Forest of Sounds and innovative music platform SHAPE+.

Ganna Brizhat, aka bryozone, is an electronic musician from southern Ukraine. She comes from the Odessa publishing house system co-founder and organizer of the ODS festival. Bryozone works with particular attention both on the overall view of the compositions decorated with atmospheric voices, and on the individual textures from which they are made.

Mariana Klochko – stylized as on posters and on the Internet Mariana Klochko – is an electronic music producer from Kiev. The musician points out that in her works she thematically focused on the subconscious, as well as on the border points between imagination and reality. Klochko perceives the creation of music as a form of storytelling and she “hears” images in her music of hers that would be difficult to create in visual art. Klochko studied interior design and is inspired by pop music, club music and post-apocalyptic folk.

bryozone and Maryana Klochko are platforms dedicated to innovative music and audiovisual art SHAPE+ participants. It is supported by an EU programme Creative Europe.

There is a saint harsh noise And Black metal artist as well as label Sounds of pain owner known by groups Velnezer, Stab And New corrugated. Over the years there have also been solo recordings:

UG UG UGG UGG is Uģ Jansons’ experimental electronic music project. Janson describes it like this: “Slow wave research is a bit like a trance after the third sleepless night. Then the slow waves turn into an impromptu party, a sound laboratory when all the test tubes break at cause of shaking hands and loud resonance.”

An event that takes place Forest of Sounds in the concert series 1-2 through!, supported by the Goethe Institute in Latvia, a program of the European Union Creative Europe and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania.

Free entry.

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