Experience with blue Apple Watch Series 6

Is this why every time Apple reveals a new device, does the world split into two unequal groups? Some say that Apple is no longer the same and this year was unable to show anything new. At the same time, they repeat their words from year to year. Others, on the contrary, firmly believe in each innovation and look at it with eyes full of delight. In fact, everything is very relative and it just doesn’t happen that a gadget turned out to be completely good or completely bad. I have been using Apple Watch since the first generation and I can safely say that every year the watch has something to praise and something to criticize. At the moment, I have been walking with an Apple Watch Series 6 for two weeks and I can tell a lot about them. Including answering the question whether it is worth changing your old watch with them.

The new watch runs on WatchOS 7, and it has such peculiar dials

New Apple Watch

First of all, it should be noted that the box of the new Apple Watch has become even more compact than before, because now they do not have a power adapter. There is only a charging cable with a proprietary platform, the watch itself, a case, which has changed somewhat since the last generation, and a strap in a separate box.

By the way, this is a very cool idea when a watch is sold to you, and the strap is separately in the original packaging. Firstly, if you fantasize, you can imagine how a set of watches was carefully assembled especially for you as if it were a package. Secondly, you can always sell or donate an unnecessary strap, because many people buy Apple Watch, having a large arsenal of bracelets. The vast majority of them are compatible with all model generations and many simply do not need another complete strap. But this is my attitude, so tell in our Telegram chat, What do you think about it.

Почему сканер кислорода в Apple Watch работает везде, а сканер ЭКГ — нет

About straps I already told in a separate article, so I will not dwell on them in detail. I will only note that the new straps are really cool and very convenient to use. I liked the braided solid bracelet the most, but if it seems expensive to you (8,900 rubles), then you can opt for solid silicone, which costs the same as the usual cheapest original straps. They feel very cool on the hand, and I do not think that the Chinese will be able to make inexpensive full analogs.

The left strap is also solid, but it costs 3,900 rubles.

How Apple Watch Series 6 differs from Series 5

The appearance of the Apple Watch Series 6 has not changed in relation to the fifth generation in almost nothing.

Apple Watch

There are no differences.

Here too. In addition, the new watch began to be produced in blue.

There are minor differences only on the back, where a blood oxygen sensor has appeared, which emits red light to take its measurements.


In addition to green, there is also a red light.

I was able to verify the readings and they agreed with a professional device for measuring the level of oxygen in the blood, but many say that such readings cannot be taken seriously. Even Apple says the watch is not a medical device. Therefore, the company disclaims responsibility for the correctness of measurements and says that it is necessary to consult a doctor if there is a suspicion of health problems.

Почему Apple Watch до сих пор не могут разблокировать iPhone или iPad?

One thing I can say for sure. This function will not be superfluous, since when the lungs are damaged by coronavirus, one of the first symptoms is a drop in the level of oxygen in the blood. If the clock sounded the alarm, run to the doctor. The main thing is not to panic in vain, otherwise there were cases when the clock only gave doctors jobs.

Among the new WatchOS 7 watch faces, there are some very good options. I liked this one the most.

If you don’t need blood oxygen measurement, it will be easier to buy Apple Watch SE, which I also have, and very soon I will talk about them in a separate article. They are no less interesting than the Apple Watch Series 6, and in vain many consider them to be some kind of Lite version.

What the Apple Watch measures

Another new feature is how cool the altimeter began to work. Of course, in everyday life, not many will need it, but if you are involved in a sport that is associated with hiking or simply control your activity, it will come in handy.

The Apple Watch SE box is slightly different. First of all, by applying an inscription. This is SE and we’ll talk about them too.

The accuracy of measurements is such that even if you move your hand up and down in the room, the readings change. In addition to the fact that the altimeter works very accurately, things are just as good with the compass, which is not the first time made magnetic and perfectly helps to navigate the cardinal points even in the city. For example, he helped me understand from which side the sun would set, so that even at noon, I could understand whether I could watch the sunset in the place where I was.

Что делать если iPhone и Apple Watch быстро разряжаются на iOS 14

Of course, all this and the increased performance could not but affect the battery life. What for many criticized the Apple Watch, became even weaker. As a result, only 18 hours of battery life. This is the declared figure, but in fact I managed to use the hours for a day and a half.

How long does Apple Watch Series 6 last

Many people see frequent charging as a big problem and I should also start criticizing Apple for this. But I understand that such a restriction was not established out of harm. It’s just that Apple Watch is a very advanced gadget and they just can’t work for weeksas a tracker, whose task is only to count steps.

The only downside to the Apple Watch is the price. Some watches are even more expensive though. For example, some Garmin models. However, I don’t know how correct this comparison is.

I regard it as the need to wind up a mechanical watch. There is something about it that disciplines. Moreover, I just got used to putting them on exercise in the morning while getting ready before leaving the house. They have time to charge enough in an hour. If I don’t go anywhere and just work at home, sometimes I still want to take off my watch. So why not just put them on the table at this moment, but on the charge. In general, yes, there is a problem, but it is also not worth overly dramatizing it.

Чем хорош сплошной ремешок для Apple Watch и как его подобрать

If we compare the watch with the previous generation, then I cannot say that they began to work faster. And much faster. If the application launches not in 0.9, but in 0.8 seconds, you still won’t notice it. There may be more demanding applications where performance will be critical, but I haven’t come across any so far.

For myself, I noted that missing Force Touch… I just started to get used to the fact that there are no more strong clicks in the iPhone and will not be, as they were abandoned in watches. Now you have to scroll the notification screen all the way to the top and press close all.

Should you buy an Apple Watch Series 6

If you are thinking whether you should change your Apple Watch Series 5 to Series 6, then I would advise you to think further. The transition will be almost imperceptible for you. Series 4 is also not much different from Series 6. The difference will be, in fact, only in the oxygen sensor and some other functions that few use. However, by updating Series 3 and earlier models, you really feel the difference.

Как Apple Watch 6 могут усложнить работу врачей во всём мире

The same can be said for new users. Don’t be intimidated by the need to charge your watch every day. But now they have reached the level of a very cool gadget that works great, and you definitely won’t find anything that works so actively. When tracker manufacturers say that their product will “carry” a smartphone on your wrist, don’t believe them. Better try Apple Watch. Here they really do it. It’s not for nothing that more than half of the smartwatches sold in the world are Apple Watch.

Apple Watch

Only the Apple Watch can be an extension of the iPhone on hand.

As a comment from an experienced Apple Watch user, I can say that it makes me happy how Apple, even after changing the shape of the case, kept the ability to use old straps… And I also see how the clock is evolving, and I understand that there is no need to expect revolutions here.

Smartphones have ceased to be fundamentally different from each other, and what can be added to the watch. New sensors? Yes, and they are added. Maybe I’m happy with every new generation of Apple Watch because I just don’t expect someone to reinvent the wheel again? I think this is the point.

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