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Thiruvananthapuram Chinta Weekly has launched an updated online version ‘Chinta Plus’ to complete 60 years. CPI(M) State Secretary MV Govindan launched the edition at AKG Centre. MV Govindan said that thinking is on the path of change according to the modern perspective. He said that we should proceed with more innovation based on science and technology and new ideas. Senior CPI-M leader S Ramachandran Pillai presided. Chinta Chief Editor TM Thomas Isaac, CPI-M Central Committee Member PK Srimati, Chinta Manager KA Venugopal, CP Narayanan, R Parvathi Devi and K R Maya were present. Chinta Plus comes out with more columns, articles, studies and videos making the most of the possibilities of digital technology. Website: www.chintha.in Chintha Plus has 100 pages of online version of Chintha Weekly. In addition to the 48-page printed pages, the online version has been added with 52 pages. These are free to read. Content of Chinta Plus will be provided in printed Chinta. And scan the provided QR code to go directly to Chinta Plus. Apart from the e-weekly, the online edition also includes various sections like Kerala Studies, Research, States, Countries and Gender. Read on deshabhimani.com

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