Experience Offenbach’s Vibrant Club Landscape and Culinary Delights at Mainuferfest

Main bank festival in Offenbach. (Photo: City of Offenbach / Katja Lenz)

“If three Germans meet, they found an association” is a popular saying, and even if it officially takes seven people to found an association, there are more than 50 million people in 620,000 associations nationwide. Only in Scandinavia and the Netherlands are there more. There are over 300 registered clubs in Offenbach, they offer sports and exercise, invite you to sing, make music or get creative together, take care of environmental, human rights and social issues, cultivate traditions, offer education, socializing and are important anchor of social life. “We are grateful and proud of our club landscape and for good reason,” emphasizes Mayor Dr. Felix Schwenke: “Because a lot is done there with a lot of passion. Clubs work on a voluntary basis and all those involved know that this also means putting personal interests aside and spending a lot of free time for other people. That deserves great recognition – also against the background that many clubs are urgently looking for young people to be able to keep up their work. I am all the more pleased that our clubs are once again taking the unique opportunity of our “Club Festival” this year and showing what they have to offer.”

The clubs in Offenbach have a lot to offer in culinary terms

97 clubs have registered for the Mainuferfest on June 17th and 18th. They present themselves and their offers, provide information about their work and invite you to get to know each other. The clubs in Offenbach also have a lot to offer in culinary terms, because in addition to the classic bratwurst, such as those simmering on the grate at the ASB youth stand in Herrnstraße, there are Greek souvlaki, Portuguese pulpo and vinho verde, and Turkish baklava just a few meters away , Italian dolci, Croatian cevapcici and many other delicacies from the 160 nations living in Offenbach. There are also offers to get involved and get to know each other, with which the clubs advertise themselves and their work on the festival site on Mainstrasse between Herrnstrasse and Kirchgasse.

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Most clubs have been there for years. The baseball club “Pilots RheinMain” and the newly founded “Abteilung Singen eV” will be present at the festival for the first time this year. Also new is the Yazidi community with a stand on Mainstrasse. The digitization department of the city of Offenbach is also celebrating its premiere. The team provides information about citizen participation and Smart City not far from the corporate tent of the city and public utility. There will be a photo campaign there again to commemorate the visit to the festival. With another photo campaign, walking acts from the current location campaign “Soul OF Hessen” are out and about on the festival grounds. This action is also suitable for beautiful souvenir photos.

Folklore and sport in the inner courtyard of the Büsingpalais

On the stage in the inner courtyard of the Büsingpalais, folklore and sport are once again the focus of the day. On Saturday evening from 8 p.m., the Frankfurt band The Gypsys with their powerful singer Ena Roth will guarantee a good atmosphere and a full house in the open air. A special feature awaits visitors on Sunday, when an ecumenical service will take place on the stage at 10.30 a.m. for the first time.

The festival begins on Saturday, June 17 at 4 p.m. The event ends at 1 a.m., the last serving is at 12.30 a.m. On Sunday, June 18, from 10 a.m., people meet on the festival mile or for the matinee in front of the jazz stage in Lilipark. Incidentally, Jazz eV has put together an interesting program of jazz and swing there for two days, which includes performances by the Offenbach Studio Choir, Praeludium and the Rhein-Main Vocalists as well as the Singing Department eV association on the culture mile in Herrnstraße alternates Around 20 Offenbach cultural associations and institutions show what they have to offer there. “Culture is like the salt in the soup,” emphasizes Lord Mayor Schwenke, “and I am grateful that, in addition to our successful sports clubs, we also have a very lively cultural scene in our city, which always invites you to discover something new.”

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(Text: PM City of Frankfurt)

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