Experience HD Voice with Voice over LTE made by Indosat Ooredoo


JAKARTAIndosat Ooredoo announced that customers are now able to enjoyi VoLTE service. This service can be accessed in more than 30 cities in Indonesia and will continue to increase in various other regions. (Also read: LIPI Raises Voice Regarding the Findings of a 20-Meter Tsunami Potential in Indonesia)

Customers who are currently in reach cities can use a cellphone that supports VoLTE services, and have used a 4G SIM card, and can immediately enjoy VoLTE services without the need to register for certain packages or additional applications.

Chief Marketing Officer of Indosat Ooredoo, Ritesh Kumar Singh, said VoLTE services can make chatting more enjoyable, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic when people avoid direct interaction. “We hope that this service will help Indonesians adopt new habits more quickly and maintain their common health,” said Kumar Singh in Jakarta, Monday (28/9/2020).

VoLTE or Voice over LTE is a service that allows customers to make voice calls on a 4G-LTE based network. With VoLTE, customers can experience a clearer calling experience with a clearer “HD voice” quality.

In addition, with this VoLTE service, telephones can connect faster than traditional telephone services, which are known as circuit-switch. Users can also switch from voice calls to video calls or vice versa very easily, without having to hang up first.

In addition, customers can still do other activities such as surfing, streaming, or playing online games, without dropping out when there is an incoming call.

The launch of this VoLTE service is the result of collaboration between Indosat Ooredoo and manufacturers smartphone like Huawei, Oppo, Samsung, vivo, Xiaomi, as well as makers chipset Qualcomm and MediaTek. This collaboration aims to ensure devices that support VoLTE technology can work properly.

VoLTE or Voice over LTE is a service that allows customers to make voice calls on a 4G-LTE based network. (Also read: Rows of Indonesian Officers Died by Covid-19)



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