Expeditionary Team Meets Many Snakes at the Bottom of Hell’s Well

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Omani cave expedition team saw many snakes at the bottom ‘Hell’s Well‘ or the Berhout Well in Yemen. The team also became the first humans to reach the bottom of the well.

A team of Omani cave explorers and Mohammad Al Kindi reportedly managed to descend to the bottom of the well to reveal what is really at the bottom of the geological structure that is often associated with the spooky myth.

Mohammad and a team of cave explorers revealed that there were many snakes at the bottom of the cave. He found many snakes after spending about six hours in the cave.

“They breed when there are no predators to eat them. That’s normal,” he said.

Besides the snakes, they found some wonderful things. The explorer team admitted that they also found fresh pure spring water at the bottom of the cave. Even though this well is famous for its myth as an “evil” cave and the water is dangerous to drink.

“We even drank a full bottle and nothing happened to us!” he said.

Mysterious hell well in Yemen. (Photo by – / AFP)

The team further collected samples of rock, water, soil, and some dead animals. They are also mesmerized by the colorful cave pearls that shine through the underground waterfall.

“Cave pearls are concentric deposits of calcium carbonate that form around the core under falling water,” said Mohammad.

According to him the rings were naturally smoothed by the motion of falling water over thousands of years. Thus forming a beautiful pearl. From what Al Kindi could see, the cave was untouched by human hands or feet.

“No previous missions have been documented, so it’s not clear if anyone actually went there, although it’s hard to be 100 percent certain,” he said.

Location of Hell’s Well

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Location of the Well of Hell in Yemen




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