Expansion of the Universal Elderly Pension program

On March 21, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced the expansion of coverage for beneficiaries in the universal pension program for the elderly, in which the age was lowered from 68 to 65 and that the amount was gradually going to be increased to reaching six thousand pesos every two months, this news unleashed reactions in all social areas, of course most of them are jubilant, more in the elderly sector and in families in general that have an old man or an old woman. which already represent income to support the household.

The negative reaction of the opponents is evident, which is understandable and tends to a priori disqualification of all actions of the president, they will see everything wrong, in the particular case, one of their arguments is in the sense that there was already that set of 65 years in programs of economic support for the elderly, which is a partial truth, what the opponents do not say is that the program not only did not have limited coverage, it did not represent even 20 percent of what today It is covered, on the other hand, the amounts were ridiculous, today the program is universal, all without exception complying with the age and being Mexican.

The universal pension program for older adults was created by Andrés Manuel when he was Head of Government in the then Federal District, at the time he was disqualified as a populist but soon after the then PAN President Vicente Fox copied the program with a big difference and distortion, which was focused, that is, only a few beneficiaries who were chosen at the discretion and discretion of electoral operators to guarantee an electoral clientele to win elections.

The scholarship for high school and universal students, support for people with disabilities, support for farmers and producers and the universal pension for the elderly, are the stellar programs of Andrés Manuel’s social policy, aimed at solving the most basic needs such as It is the food, education and health of the most vulnerable population, which in the medium term will have its effects to contain violence and achieve social peace, there cannot be this when people live from day to day with the despair of not being able bring anything home, food or medicine when there is illness.

There is a background and a philosophical and ideological underpinning in these programs and in social policy, a different vision of a country with which they disqualify and governed for decades, they, from their neoliberal approach, commercialized rights, older adults were treated with contempt and ingratitude after having contributed a lifetime of work to society, the vast majority did not have access to a decent pension, the regime condemned them to live in hardship and sometimes with the abandonment of their families, the current government pension represents that recognition and gratitude from society that the State grants it, more than an economic value that for some it does not represent, for others it solves a lot, but above all that feeling that causes feeling taken into account, just because of being a person who had a life of contribution to society.

The irritation of a few is understandable, simply the financial flow of this program is the highest in history, they were used to the fact that these monies were diverted into corruption to enrich themselves a few without caring about the deficiencies and sufferings of the large unprotected majorities, that is The opposition’s anger is evident because when they governed they did not think about the people, the poorest, they got rich and went to live in exclusive areas or outside the country far from reality; Today these programs have become rights that have supreme legal protection and guarantee of permanence and enforceability for having been incorporated into the Constitution, whoever is the ruler or the party, the programs remain unless the constitution is amended to remove them that even, with the possibility that said claim may be revoked by the Court in accordance with a principle of progressiveness of human rights, which is that what has already been advanced cannot be reversed.



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