Expansion and Improvement of APR San José Will Benefit Over One Thousand Two Hundred Homes

An awaited work by the families of San José, El Cardal and Santa Filomena, among other sectors, is what the company Tomas Tapia Ureta SA is executing these days, which is in charge of the improvement and expansion of Rural Drinking Water ( APR) of the sector, a service that has not received an improvement since 1996. Until now, there are about seven hundred domiciles that are served by this Cooperative, which should vary radically in February 2022 when there will be little more than twelve hundred starts that receive the vital element. The investment exceeds 4,750 million pesos.

The management of the Mayor, Iván Campos, has had a special emphasis on promoting projects that allow improving the quality of life in the rural sectors of the commune, taking into account its extension. That is why, despite the adversities of recent times, we have worked hard to advance on issues as important as this one. The change of the matrices and the construction of a new pond is the main challenge, understanding that when it is completely finished it will be about 1,200 families that will benefit, that is, just over four hundred and eighty new start-ups that will have potable water. which is added to the existing seven hundred and twenty-nine. The company is currently conducting an information survey in the field, through a social worker from the same company, who since the first days of October has been visiting all beneficiary families, house to house.

The Mayor, Iván Campos, visited the works on Wednesday in order to know on the ground the degree of progress of the same, assessing the investment that is made in the sector, and clarifying a doubt reiterated by some neighbors who still do not have a role as their properties, but yes rights, indicating that only once the works are concluded and delivered to the Potable Water Cooperative will be able to opt for their start-up.

In addition, the authority reported that work continues with the San José – Rumay sewerage project, noting that “our professionals estimate that the works of this project will begin to be executed in December of this year, which also constitutes tremendous news for families in this sector ”.

Mayor of Melipilla, Iván Campos;

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