Exhibitions “Portraits of birds” and “Wild dreams”

Of February 7 to March 28, 2023discover two exhibitions on the theme of birds in connection with the sustainable tourismthe preservation of the environment and some biodiversity in the Chapel of the Chosen.

The League for the Protection of Birds and the animal painter from Dijon Florian Labbayepresent their achievements.

Exhibition “Portraits of birds”
The League for the Protection of Birds

© Georges Bedrines

In 2012, the LPO (League for the Protection of Birds) celebrated its centenary and on this occasion, nine Burgundian naturalist photographers agreed to lend themselves to the game and present, through a traveling exhibition, many shots representing birds visible in Côte-d’Or, but also in Saône-et-Loire.

This exhibition, which has since traveled to the libraries and media libraries of the department, is thus an opportunity for all audiences to discover the extraordinary beauty of the birds that live alongside us on a daily basis.

“Wild Dreams” Exhibition
Florian Labaye

Through his work, Florian Labaye produces contemporary figurative painting influenced by street art and comics. In these creations, fauna, flora and humans intersect, respond to each other and merge in a chimerical dance.

Canvas, fresco, comic strip, illustration, screen printing, he is a creator who has always developed a polymorphic artistic practice.

The works he creates are distinguished by their intricate detail, dynamic staging and narrative sensibility.

Through his works, he invites the viewer to question his own nature and that which surrounds us.

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