Exhibitionist Arrested in Nice After Assaulting Two Women: Investigation Underway

Two young women filed a complaint after being surprised by an exhibitionist in Nice. The individual was arrested last week.

Unknown to justice, he admitted in police custody to engaging in nocturnal and public masturbation in different places in the city of Nice since 2022.

He says he goes out at night without the knowledge of his wife, who has just learned of the deviations of the man with whom she lives.

He also admitted touching the buttocks and breasts of two victims. He asked for treatment.

The prosecution decided to open a judicial investigation and requested the provisional detention of this man, unknown to date to justice and socially integrated.

Despite the risk of recidivism, the judge of freedoms and detention preferred to release him under judicial supervision.

The suspect, indicted for exhibitions and sexual assault, is already subject to treatment and strict judicial control.

It is now up to the investigating judge to search for the victims of this man with a disturbing profile.

2023-06-03 00:50:25
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