Exhibition of works by Agnes Kaupere “I didn’t see a kangaroo”


Exhibition of works by Agnes Kaupere “I didn’t see a kangaroo”

2022-09-28, 10:00
Liepāja Museum, museum enfilade

Thursday, August 25, at 18 In the enfilade of the Liepāja Museum, on Kūrmājas prospect 16/18, the solo exhibition of artist Agnes Kauperes “I didn’t see a Đenguru” will be opened.

The exhibition will be open until October 16.

Agnes Kaupere’s painting style is characterized by a bright, intuitive approach to color and composition, a play between the abstract and the real world. In her works, she varies with different themes and plots. Also, the artist likes to leave a field of imagination where the viewer can indulge his feelings: “Each of us is unique and if I see a yellow sky or a kangaroo, it doesn’t mean that you see the same thing.”

In the works displayed in the exhibition, the changing forms and “still lifes” are captured here in Liepāja, Riga, and far away in Australia.

Liepāja Museum

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