Exhibit dedicated to South Williamsburg victims

The Museum of Los Sures has dedicated an exhibition to COVID-19, it is about giving voice to the stories and feelings of the residents of southern Williamsburg after more than a year of pandemic in one of the most affected neighborhoods.

Here you will find everything from a lottery with daily pandemic scenes, to crucifixes and photos that expressed the feelings and faith of the thousands of Latinos who suffered from being locked up at home with fear.

Brooklyn State Assemblywoman Maritza D├ívila commented: “These are the images and feelings of the Hispanic people in this community. There were many people who suffered and this is their way of getting along and telling their story.”

And it is that this zip code, at some point last summer, was within the 10 with the most infections in the state, many who lived it were the elderly in this community.

“It was very difficult, we have friends who have died, we have others who got sick. It has been a very difficult time, immensely difficult but we have to continue and move forward,” said a neighbor.

But in this artistic exhibition, data from an investigation carried out by the Los Sures organization, who were in charge of gathering and curating this exhibition, were also exhibited. Here they say that the need for food increased by 400%.

According to Juan Ramos, executive director of Los Sures: “In 2019 we had served food to the community like 10,000 families, during the pandemic we have given food to more than 92,000 families.”

The museum is located at 120 South First Street in Brooklyn and will be open throughout the month of June and July, on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.

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