Exhaustion, stress and abuse … warnings about the mental health of nursing staff fighting the Corona virus

Posted in: 11/10/2020 – 17:57

The International Nursing Council has sounded the alarm about the mental health of nursing staff working in the front lines to combat the Coronavirus. On the occasion of World Mental Health Day on Saturday, the Council stated that many of these nurses suffer from exhaustion or psychological distress, as well as to abuse and discrimination outside work.

The International Nursing Council Saturday presented a disturbing analysis of the mental health of nursing staff struggling to eradicate Corona Virus. The council said that many of these nurses suffer from exhaustion or psychological distress, and that many of them are subjected to abuse or discrimination outside of work.

On the occasion of World Mental Health Day, the Council stated that personal protection requirements for nursing workers and others in the health field in some elderly care homes are still insufficient.

“We are very concerned about the mental health impact on the nursing staff,” Howard Caton, a British nurse who is the CEO of the International Nursing Council, told Reuters TV at the Council’s headquarters in Geneva.

“Our latest survey of national nursing societies showed that 70 percent of them (the associations) said that nurses have experienced violence or discrimination, and therefore they are very concerned about cases of severe psychological distress and stress on mental health,” he added.

The survey was based on responses from nearly a quarter of the council’s National Nursing Societies in more than 130 countries.

Physical and verbal abuse

Caton said nurses face many problems that affect their mental health, including physical or verbal abuse.

The International Nursing Council is pushing for better protection and working conditions for nurses who work on The front line in pandemic control efforts.

“We are still seeing problems with supplies of PPE,” Catton said. “But there is some improvement, especially in hospitals.”

Citing survey participants, he added that some nursing homes and other care facilities in Europe and the Americas are still short of supplies.

The World Health Organization said on Monday that care services for mentally ill and addicted patients declined around the world during the pandemic, and Covid-19 is expected to cause more misery for many.

France 24 / Reuters


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