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Moderator Aleš Cibulka (45) experienced some serious moments in his life. Seven years ago, for example, he was so exhausted at work that he couldn’t work for a year and stayed home staring at the ceiling, not long ago he narrowly escaped the gravedigger’s shovel. He confided about it in the Czech television program 13. Komnata, but also in eXtra.cz.

Aleš Cibulka: Mental collapse

In 2015 at the popular TV and radio station the moderator Aleš Cibulka it happened after a huge backlog of work complete psychological collapse.

“It was too much e a burnout occurred. I didn’t sleep much, I ate in the car and didn’t have time for myself. And most importantly, I couldn’t say no. I had to stop hosting TVs and radios for a while, I just stared at the ceiling at home. I don’t know how I would have handled that period without experts and myself comrade Michele. But I wasn’t in an asylum, as it was written at the time, “Aleš told eXtra.cz some time ago, adding that it took him about a year to get back on his feet and be able to get back to work. This time, taking into account who has time to relax.

And it is also confirmed in v of the program 13. room.


“I went full throttle, almost without a single day of rest. And that’s what ultimately took its toll on him: “total burnout syndrome”, that is total exhaustion of the organism from overwork. One day after returning from my native Chodov, where I moderated the event previously, I came home and announced to his mate Michal that I was finishing everything, I was resigning everywhere and canceling everything“he confided in the program that Czech television broadcasts on Wednesday 5 October. It will accompany him the moderator Marie Retkováwhose Chamber was presented by Cibulka.

“When my friend, the screenwriter René Kekely, came up with the idea for my thirteenth room, I thought and then said yes, but only if Maruška Retková accompanied her. We have known each other for a long time, we like each other a lot and I have full confidence in her“explains the moderator.

Michal Jagelka saved his life

Not long ago, her life was saved again by the decision not to postpone a visit to the doctor when she was in pain.

“I initially went to the Surgical Emergency Room at the Vinohrady hospital earlier in the week. I had pain in my lower abdomen. This is what they told me to come in three days for a checkup. But at that point it had developed, so I stayed there and went straight into the room. It was acute diverticulitis (intestinal disease – ed)“, said the moderator of eXtra.cz Aleš Cibulka.

“At the moment, when the purulent inflammation that was encapsulated had erupted, it would have been a big problem. If Michal hadn’t pushed me to go to the hospital for a checkup on Friday, we would be happy to go to the cottage. And there, if it burst on its own, it would be a serious, acute problem. It would be a forgiveness. Michal may have saved my life”, He declared in June 2021 for our website.


“I survived. As they say, something bad is good for something, and all of this was good enough to stop me. Thinking and saying to myself: ‘Enough!’ You have to learn to say no, you have to learn to say no, no matter what someone thinks at that moment. I know how it is, my loved ones, my partner Michal, the doctors. To all of them I owe it to the fact that today I am here after burnout and bowel surgery and can work again. With love, energy and taste “, adds moderator Aleš Cibulka.

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