Exercise Period, Time for Investors to Redeem BBRI Shares at Discount Prices

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The exercise period for PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia Tbk (BBRI) shares from the corporate rights issue will begin on Monday (13/9) today until 22 September 2021.

Investors who held BBRI shares until Cum-Date last September 9, today, Monday (13/9/2021) have received Rights in their portfolios. The rights will be traded until September 22 and investors have the choice of redeeming or selling their rights.

If the investor decides to redeem, then based on the prospectus the price is set at Rp 3,400 per share. This redemption can be made by contacting the respective securities.

Rights can also be traded, if you don’t want to redeem. Investors can sell them during the trading period ending on September 22 and realize the profits. The current trading price for BBRI-R is Rp 280 per share. This price is the difference between the current BBRI price of IDR 3,680 and the exercise price of IDR 3,400 per share.

For your information, the addition of Capital by Giving Pre-emptive Rights (PMHMETD/rights issue) is one of the cooperative actions that provides an opportunity for investors to increase the number of shares.

Retail and corporate investors are entitled to HMETD if they previously owned holding shares. This BBRI rights issue corporate action was carried out as part of the establishment of the Ultra Micro BUMN Holding which was getting closer.

The rights issue plan has been effective and has been approved by the company’s shareholders and the issuance of an effective statement from the Financial Services Authority on August 30, 2021 ago.

BRI, which held a Limited Public Offering I (PUT I) or rights issue by issuing 28,677,086,000 shares, has a total target of Rp 95.92 trillion in funds raised.

Part of this amount is inbreng transactions of government-owned shares in Pegadaian and PNM with a value of Rp 54.77 trillion so that after this corporate action the Ultra Micro holding will be formed under BBRI. With this inbreng transaction, the government’s ownership in BRI will not be diluted after the rights issue.

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