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In the film and television platform Netflix’s recent reality show “Bling Empire” for the richest in Asia, Christine Chiu, who claims to be from Taiwan, was married to the Beverly Hills worth 2.3 billion Taiwan dollars. The famous plastic surgeon “Dr. Gabriel Chiu” (Dr. Gabriel Chiu) shows off his wealth without limits and is quite curious.

In this program, 38-year-old Christine Zhao once sealed off the entire famous street in Los Angeles to open a Chinese New Year party; once covered the entire Children’s Museum to celebrate the birthday of her child; once provided meat at the party for the clinic promoting her husband The toxin injection allows guests to hit it casually; I even filled the Gucci bag in the claw machine for guests to catch it and take it away.

In addition to being a party “coffee”, Christine is also a collector of haute couture uniforms. Every year, she shuttles through the fashion shows of internationally renowned fashion weeks. As long as she participates, she will consume. Each set of clothing starts at at least 100,000 US dollars (about 2.8 million Taiwan dollars).

Although living in luxury, Christine Zhao rarely writes about her Taiwanese background in the show. “Apple News” especially combed her external statements in recent years, investigating her little-known side.

According to the “Apple” survey, Christine Zhao was born in Taiwan on December 13, 1982. Her surname is Cheng (transliteration “程”). He is from a wealthy family and immigrated to the United States when he was 5 years old.

Christine Zhao once said that sometimes when she buys some high-end custom uniforms of famous brand boutiques, because a country only allows one set of them to be sold, when she cannot grab the clothes she likes as an American, she will To buy as a Taiwanese citizen, the condition is that she can only be seen in Taiwan, which also means that she is likely to still hold Taiwanese status.

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Christine Zhao rarely mentioned her native family in Taiwan. She once disclosed that she had lost contact with her father for ten years. However, she recently accepted an interview with People Magazine and said that she has resumed contact with her father. Christine Zhao said: “Unfortunately, my mother passed away recently, and I reconnected with my father when she died.”

But she also confessed that after “Bright Empire” began to air, she has not contacted her father, “We have just started to reconcile, very careful.”

Kristin Zhao grew up in the United States and studied at Pepperdine University, a prestigious private university in California, majoring in international trade. She was obviously also a figure in the university when she was in college. She had participated in a dance club and had a graduation ceremony in 2004. She was also the representative of the graduate speech.

After graduating from university, she first worked as a publicist in the beauty industry. After working for 2 years, she entered into marriage. In October 2006, she married Gabriel Zhao, who was 15 years older than her.

Gabriel Zhao was born in Hong Kong and immigrated to the United States at the age of 2. According to Christine, her husband is the 24th generation descendant of Zhao Kuangyin, the Taizu of the Song Dynasty of China. Because of the failure to fulfill the responsibility of inheriting the family, she was left out of the cold by her in-laws and only gave birth to her baby G in 2018.

The two recently planned to have another baby, but after the doctor assessed Christine Zhao’s health, he warned her that another pregnancy might kill her and suggested that they find a surrogate mother.

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Christine Zhao said: “Gabriel’s parents hate the proposal of a surrogate mother. They are very traditional and cannot accept a surrogate mother. I just walked out of the cold palace at my husband’s house and don’t want to experience it again.”

Christine and her husband often organize various activities in the Los Angeles celebrity circle. Well-known brands are also very happy to sponsor and co-organize. The annual hot parties of the Academy Awards are hosted by her. Taiwanese celebrity Sun Yingying used to be her The guests at the party posted their photos on their Facebook.

In addition to being good at partying, Christine is also a well-known collector of haute couture uniforms. At the age of 26, she participated for the first time in a fashion show of high-end custom uniforms, and has since fallen into the pit.

Now she shuttles between New York, London, Milan and Paris Fashion Week, participating in at least 30 fashion shows every year. She said that she will consume when she participates, and will buy every show. Each outfit starts at at least US$100,000 (about 2.8 million Taiwan dollars), and the most expensive set is more than US$300,000 (about 8.39 million Taiwan dollars).

However, if you want to buy a haute couture uniform, you don’t have to have money, it also has something to do with it.

Christine said that during Fashion Week, every brand will hold a clothing show, but only through acquaintances will be invited to make an appointment to see the clothes displayed on the show again. If you are interested, you must wait 6 to 12 months after paying the deposit to get the finished product. There are some unspoken rules in the ordering process, such as asking prices and asking for discounts, which are very rude.

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Christine revealed that one of the main reasons for buying custom uniforms is for various occasions, such as weddings, red carpet walks or film festivals, but because of the epidemic last year, everything has changed.

But before the outbreak of the epidemic, she had been trying to highlight the goals of social justice through fashion. She once asked fashion brands to donate part of her purchases to organizations supported by both parties, such as helping AIDS research, education, and adding more medical resources to poor communities.

All eight episodes of the first season of “Bright Empire” have been released on Netflix. Although it has caused a lot of discussion, there are also many comments from netizens who are so rich. Christine is one of the key players, and naturally there are many criticisms.

But in fact, Christine is not the first time she has appeared in reality shows. As early as 2014, she appeared on another popular reality show in the United States, “The Beverly Wife”, but she was not an official cast. After 6 years, she has become the overlord of the rich and famous.

Christine said that the purpose of this show is not to show off wealth, but to expose the cultural pressures, ethics, values ​​and expectations that Asian Americans face. Although she is so lofty, she, who participated in the performance of “Bright Empire”, is actually the producer of this show. A lady who has money is self-willed. Who can do anything to her. (Reported by Investigation Center)


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