Exclusive Interview with Miss Czech Republic 2023 about Why She Chose vivo X90 Pro as Her Personal Phone


Justyna Zedníková

No one will be surprised that big competitions attract big sponsors. The phone manufacturer vivo, a relative newcomer to our market, is a partner of several well-known competitions, but in the last month the main event was undoubtedly Miss Czech Republic. As part of this partnership, of course, various photos of beautiful models are created with the equally beautiful design of this brand’s phones, such as the flagship vivo X90 Pro.

Of course, it’s also common for models to use a certain product for a period of time in a promotion, but you’ll soon find that they get rid of it immediately after the collaboration to go back to using whatever they want. In the case of the newly minted Miss World Czech Republic for 2023, Justýna Zedníková, however, it is different. She was so impressed with the X90 Pro that she likes to use it as her personal phone and doesn’t want to hide it in a drawer.

But what led our new Miss to choose this phone, what impressed her the most, what applications does she turn on first thing in the morning and how does she even choose new phones? We asked Justýna Zedníková about all this and much more in an exclusive short interview on a topic that you definitely won’t find in the Miss competition, even though it is already so ubiquitous in our lives today – smartphones.

Photo: Photo of the winner from the Miss Czech Republic 2023 final

It might be a good idea to start with a brief history. What phones did you have before the new vivo?

  • I tried both Android and iOS phones. I even remember my first Android phone, which I bought at the age of ten with my savings. So I’m very happy that I could finally return to using Android with vivo.
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How did you first find out about this still relatively new brand here?

  • I registered vivo for the very first time thanks to the billboard with Patrik Schick. I personally got to know the phone (X90 Pro) thanks to my participation in Miss Czech Republic.

What are your priorities when choosing a phone? You mostly deal with design, color, battery life, display, rear cameras or rather front camera?

  • Since I really like to take pictures, film and capture all the important moments, I definitely pay attention to the quality of the front and rear cameras. Also, of course, battery life and charging speed.

When you tapped the charging, one of the main advantages of the X90 Pro is the ultra-fast 120W charging. Can you imagine living without him again now?

  • NEVER! And I’m really excited about it! It charges in no time and stays charged for the whole thing, so I don’t have to carry a power bank with me everywhere anymore! Now it would be hard for me to get used to another one.

Photo: Justýna Zedníková with her new lover – photographed by her older vivo X80 lite

So the phone with its battery life has changed your usage of the phone a bit in terms of charging.

  • We always had to keep looking for outlets or carry a power bank with us, but now that I have a vivo, I even have battery left!?

And quickly, the age-old question in the smartphone world. Do you prefer wireless or wired charging?

  • Probably wireless.

Of course, companies also base their phones a lot on beautiful design, how important is that to you? And how do you think the X90 Pro did in this regard, did you become a fan of leather backs?

  • The design of the phone has always been at the bottom of my list when choosing a phone, but I have to say that I fell in love with the design of the vivo X90 Pro! Leather backs are not only beautiful in design, but also pleasant to the hand and have much higher durability than glass backs.
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So if you had to pin down three of the X90 Pro’s best features, what would they be? Try to entice our readers.

  • It would definitely be the rear camera, the battery life of the phone and the fact that the phone can be opened using both Touch ID and Face ID.

Is there anything that surprised you about the photos/cameras?

  • I already knew from the photos that the phone would take beautiful photos, but I was really surprised that it would take such great photos even in the dark, the photos are as sharp as in the light.

In today’s age of social media, video is becoming more and more popular, how about you? Do you take more photos or shoot videos?

  • I’ll probably take more photos, even though it’s pretty balanced 🙂

A few photos from X90 For our new Miss Czech Republic

Our readers will certainly be interested in a little more general view of you and technology, so now we’ll run away from vivo a bit. For example, does it modify Android in its own image, or do you just change the wallpaper and simply use everything from the factory, as it is?

  • I’m not a very technical person, so I’m usually happy to change my wallpaper and organize my home page more clearly 😀

And what apps do you open first thing in the morning from that home screen? Everyone always has some kind of “application” ritual.

  • I hate to say it, but it will probably be some social network, most often Instagram.

Social networks are a real waste of time. If you start the day with them, how much time do you spend on the phone each day?

  • Wow, I don’t even want to know that 😀 It will definitely be a lot
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I personally use my phone every day at home as a speaker, although probably not that many people have it anymore. Are speakers important to you on your phone, or do you mostly rely on headphones?

  • I love detective stories and listening to crime podcasts always even in the shower, so quality speakers are definitely important to me. Without headphones, but I don’t give a damn, I don’t even leave the house without them.

Justýna with her older X80 Lite – already photographed with the new X90 Pro

At that sound, I can’t help but ask. According to surveys, people generally have their phone in “Vibrate” mode non-stop. What you? Do you prefer “old school” loud ringtones, or do you switch to vibration after buying a phone and stick with it?

  • I’m an “old school” fan 🙂

This brings me to another question. Calls or text messages? Or perhaps a modern voice?

I don’t want to invite bad luck, but water resistance is a hot topic in our industry at the moment. How much is even needed and the like. Has waterproofing ever saved your phone?

  • I always had to drop my phone in rice :D, so waterproof is my life saver now?

I would like to end our little conversation with your own mini-review of the entire vivo brand, which is not yet so well established here. Would you recommend it to your friends?

  • Certainly yes, before the vivo X90 Pro model I used the X80 lite for a long time and it suited me very well, so I will recommend vivo to all my friends!!!

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