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Sweet Home It is a series directed by Lee Eung Bok, which you know owns. Goblin, Descendants of the Sun, Mr. Sunshine And directing Sweet Home His first original content with Netflix enabled a cross-continent collaboration between Korea and the special effects team. Visual effects Who used to make with Stranger Things and Avengers Arrived

THE STANDARD POP spoke to South Korean director Lee Eung Bok, 51, about the background of the work. It’s been 10 hours in a total of 10 episodes of this action-thriller series that can be said to be fun. The thrill of a long time ago that there was no series like this to watch!

Sweet Home Tells about the life of Cha Hyun Soo, an 18-year-old who had a break from society. After the big storm of life He chose to move into the green home. An old apartment when it was desperate to live on Suicide is the only option available. He chose a day that he would kill himself at the end of the month and go to bed. Before waking up to a world that is now depleted of hope Because it is full of monsters that are coming to wipe out humanity

Other residents They find that they themselves are completely helpless. It is also surrounded by a variety of monsters that are both dangerous and hard to beat. But during that time The people’s ‘transformation’ also took place among the survivors. Including Cha Hyun Soo

With a fresh story line and realistic excitement With the superlative story of ordinary people who become monsters of passion hidden in the mind. Amazing monster pictures And this intricate narrative makes Sweet Home Became a trend that fans Look forward to it airing on December 18.

Series Sweet Home Is your latest performance How is it different from the previous work?

Sweet Home It is very different from my previous work. Because this time it’s an original Netflix series, and I’ve also worked with some really great screenwriters. I want to deliver the series as closely as possible with the story in the webtoon. Some of you may not know that when we wrote the series, it was about the same time when the webtoon released. We try to work as closely as possible so that our fans don’t Of the webtoon version to be disappointed

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Another isEvery element in this story really amazed me. I have seen many series or movies with monsters. But I’ve never seen the content people turn into monsters according to their deep desires of mind. Which I think is very interesting.

You think Sweet Home What aspect of South Korean society is the best to convey today?

I think it doesn’t just reflect Korean society. But the message attempts to portray the inaction of the neglected or the human being. By calling these things This is an important part of whether humans can help one another or not.

The first time I read this webtoon was before COVID-19. I looked at Seoul’s sky with PM2.5 issues and felt the dystopian mood at that time.It made me want to see the sky that was really blue. But when COVID-19 Became an epidemic that spread throughout the world This caused the question to appear again whether humans would ultimately be able to save one another or not.

It is undeniable that something is very outstanding. Sweet Home Is a production that consists of almost every scene of CG I want you to tell me about it.

For this series I can tell that there is no cut that does not include any CGs. Which is where the team works very hard. I tried to put in a lot of CGs. To make everything as comprehensive as possible Personally, I think this is probably a point that the viewer has not seen in any other movie or series. That comes out now Both in terms of quantity and quality

This series has a lot of monsters. But what I really want to focus on Is the question of what are humans and monsters As Cha Hyun Soo said in this story “Some monsters don’t hurt humans. I don’t think the wishes are bad. But monsters aren’t always bad. ” That’s why I tried to convey that idea in directing this series.

Sweet Home's CGs, especially detailing monster creations that audiences will see, are working with some of Hollywood's foremost staff.

Know that various CG work of Sweet Home Specifically, the details of the monster creations that audiences will see are working with some of Hollywood’s foremost staff.

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For the CG team that has been involved in the creation of these monsters. I am very proud to work with some of the best in Hollywood.Who had previously performed internationally The team behind the Spectral Motion special effects (Stranger Things), Legacy Effects (Avengers) For the first time in Korea, Virtual Production has joined forces with Troy James or Spider Monster, a martial artist who plays a monster in a number of Hollywood films. They honored to come to Korea by themselves to work on this project.

We take oneA and a half years in the making of these monsters. Because they don’t want to disappoint webtoon fans So I tried to make the monster as close to the webtoon as possible. And don’t forget toIt reflects the desire that they become that monster. And put a lot of humanity in it, both in shape and character. Where he transformed because he tried to contract his muscles and show off We designed a corner of the mouth to make him smile. Makes when he speaks even more creepy Here are some interesting points that will make the viewer feel even more intimidated.

We expect this series to be as perfect as possible. And hope that these intending teams will receive the appreciation from the audience.

Besides the matter of creating these monsters On the production side, it was almost entirely recreated with care as well.

Sweet Home It is a series that has been produced quite well. We started from rebuilding the Green Homes apartment as the main location for the shooting. Our team went to look for a number of apartments built in the 1930’s because I wanted the audience to feel together when they saw the buildings. We try to look for things that express desires in the human mind and body.

So we hid something in the story from the first EP. Which, if the audience sees it I think you should be able to guess little by little about the characters. I hope viewers will have fun and excitement in finding the hidden gimmick in this story.

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If you try to analyze from many works Past story We have always found that one of your prominence is your selection of leading actors that look perfect and fit for a lot of roles, so let’s talk about the strengths of each actor you choose for this series.

Most proudly presenting it is the gathering of the actors in a very harmonious story. As a series about life and disaster. Therefore there are scenes that have to be gathered together a lot If the cast doesn’t fit The series would be very messy.

For our lead actor Song Kang Although he is a newcomer who has not had a lot of work. But I think he expresses his emotions and eyes without good lines. Most importantly, he can handle sadness very well.

As for professional actor Lee Jin Wook, he is able to switch between various forms of visual communication. The highlight that amazes me is that he shows his eyes that convey both the emotions of the brutal and the emotions of the little boy at the same time.

As for actress Lee Si Young, I told her before filming that If you exercise a little bit more, it should work out, which I really don’t force anything. But when we meet again She comes with abs like you did in the trailer. Which looks very cool

Sweet Home This is a Netflix original series. Want to know how the process differs from TV series in Korea? What’s so exciting behind the scenes of this production?

In the part of pre-production The important point is the number of episodes and the quality of the drama. Streaming will have more episodes than a TV series. The director can edit and send as many works as he thinks appropriate for the drama. It’s a really fun part of the production process. In addition, since I want everyone to see Sweet Home So quickly prepare for the pre-production and the production period at the same time. While writing the script, they also designed the monster. While designing the monster, I also looked for a CG Solution for post-production. Start planning around February last year. And now bring it to everyone to watch


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