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Reporter Liu Yanchi / Report from Taipei

▲The classic girl short today revealed that the shirt skirt has become loose. (Photo/photographed by reporter Liu Yanchi)

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The preliminaries of Group A of the classic competition will be ignited in Taichung on March 8. On February 6, the 30-person final list will be announced at the press conference. Five Passion Sisters will be specially invited to help out, and the five will also wear the classic for the first time. Sai Ying’s jersey was unveiled, and Kuan Jin proudly said: “The designer came to make the final size confirmation before the press conference, and her skirt became loose!”

With the painful experience of the PS girl’s spring training in public weight, Short Jin revealed in an interview with “Sanli News Network” that her diet was quite abstinent during the Chinese New Year. She proudly said: “Just before the press conference, the costume designer came to the scene to help us. Five people did the final measurement, but the back of the skirt turned out to be too loose! The teacher helped me make it smaller and sew it up.”

The dressmaker did not forget to tell her: “You have lost weight recently! Remember to go to the tailor to change the skirt to make it fit better.” Jian Jin was very happy.

▲Peggy participated in the 2017 classic. (Photo/photographed by reporter Liu Yanchi)

The vice-captains Peggy and Guigui both have experience in international competitions, and they agreed that it is an unforgettable memory to support in international competitions. Short Jinchao said out loud: “I have a lot of space now!” He is very satisfied with his diet control during the Chinese New Year.

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The problem of the two-piece jersey has been solved, but it is the 16 wild players who are bothering Tan Jin. After deducting the support song of the CITIC Brothers players, Tan Jin said: “If you play the music of your own players, you can jump out with your eyes closed. But it’s a little strange to hear about other teams, so I have to take advantage of this one month to seriously prepare.”

During an interview, Peggy revealed that the classic girls haven’t practiced dancing together yet, and they will move quickly during this time. In 2017, he participated in the World Baseball Classic and supported the Taiwan team at the Tokyo Dome. Peggy said: “The feeling of cheering for the national team together is very different from the usual cheering for the team at home. It will be an unforgettable memory for a lifetime.”

It is the first time for Guigui and Nicole to jump in an international competition in Taiwan, and it is also in the familiar Intercontinental Baseball Stadium. Guigui said that he feels like returning to the home court to start the game early, and he will show his best performance.

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