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Microsoft has some more ‘exciting’ features in store for the Xbox Series consoles and they will be released this year.

In a new one Xbox podcast Microsoft’s Jason Ronald has announced that the new consoles have just come out and there will be more announcements for new features and when Microsoft will release them “in the coming months.”

“As a team, we are just really excited about this initial reaction from fans around the world. At launch, we said it internally all the time, this is really just the beginning. We have a lot of really exciting things coming up in the next few months and years to come. “
“There’s a lot to come… we can’t really say too much”,

added program director Larry Hryb to the podcast.

“I think we will come back to this soon”

Ronald noted that the Xbox team took a well-deserved break in November “ to sit back and just listen to the community and listen to how people use the consoles, what they are excited about, areas we can improve, ” team is now ready to release more updates.

It seems Microsoft is focused on updating the Xbox Mobile app with performance tracking, and airing updates, DVR quality improvements, and Quick Resume tweaks will all be in the pipeline for the consoles.

“We had to turn off Quick Resume for some titles in the home screen”,

Ronald explains.

“The team has worked really hard to turn those titles back on so that people get that great, fast resume experience for all the titles people play. These are all areas that have really high priorities for us as we look at future updates in the coming months and you will be able to see some of these experiences in the Insider rings soon ”.

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