Excited, Krzysztof Ibisz relates the afternoon spent at Anna Nowak-Ibisz’s house: “I ENTERED THE EX for dinner”

In spite of the stereotypes established in show business, Krzysztof Ibisz and Anna Nowak-Ibisz they live in harmony with each other even 11 years after divorce! TV presenters share their upbringing Vincent’s teenage son and often visit each other in their homes, as evidence by uploading recordings of walks together.

The next opportunity to eat a family dinner came last Sunday. This time it Krzysztof Ibisz came to visit Anna Nowak-Ibiszwho was bustling about the kitchen, cooking a truly royal feast for my wife. Clearly excited by beautiful scents, the showman decided to present on Instagram how Ania cares for his stomach.

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See what food you can count on in your ex-wife’s kitchen – Ibisz jokes on the recording, every now and then pointing the camera at his ex-wife, at his face, bent in a funny grimace.

Here it comes wonderful cabbage. Here they stand in the marinade turkey cutletsHere’s a great broth made from a mixture of three meats, on brisket bones, and here it is a cherry tomato with a bush with green seeds, the perfect combination of sweetness and acidity, plus goat’s ricotta – Anna Nowak-Ibisz presents the vessel after the vessel. – Then the kitchen serves smoked butter with salt, and here is a cornflower flake, with pastrami. And something that conditions food at all, that is hot Georgian sauce and pepper. Yet beetroot leaven and herring in oil with onion. Such a little Christmas Eve, and in the oven you bake pastrami, pear with olive oil and thyme, and here buckwheat bread – says Mrs. Gadget with great care, trying not to pay attention to Krzysztof’s suspiciously hyperactive reactions.

The conversation then turned to the journalist’s son Vincent.


Young had a men’s party yesterday, he told me to leave the house. At 23:30 he wrote “take your time”. So I look what I look like Anna points to the area around her eyes.

At the end of the recording, the “chef” joked that the recording made by Krzysiek could be called “Kuchareczka and ex na garach”. Amused by this comparison, Ibisz added that perhaps he did not help in preparing the meal, but how few he knows about tasting delicacies.

Can you envy them such a healthy relationship despite previous conflicts?

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