Excessive sweating in children – causes and treatment

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Tuesday 09 August 2022

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It is normal for a child’s body to sweat in hot weather, during physical activities and when wearing heavy clothes, to regulate body temperature, but the worrying thing is that he suffers from excessive sweating.

In the following report, the “Consulto” reviews the causes of hyperhidrosis in children, its types and how to deal with it, according to the “Very wellhealth” website, and according to the information published on the NHS website.

Types of hyperhidrosis in children

There are two types of hyperhidrosis in children:

Excessive sweating in general, i.e. from all parts of the body.

Localized excessive sweating, usually under the armpits, in the face, or around the neck.

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Causes of excessive sweating in children

Infection: Because the fever that results from it, the body tries to reduce its severity by excreting more sweat.

Hyperthyroidism: especially if the hyperhidrosis is accompanied by other symptoms, such as weight loss and a rapid heartbeat.

High blood pressure: It can threaten children with rare diseases that may cause excessive sweating, such as an adrenal tumor and a brain tumor.

Diabetes: causes excessive sweating in children and makes sweat smell like nail polish.

Congenital heart disease.

– Arrhythmia.

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Diagnosis of hyperhidrosis in children

After the doctor evaluates the symptoms associated with excessive sweating and knows the family history of the disease, the doctor will subject the child to a set of tests, most notably:

Clinical examination.

Examination of vital processes, such as calculating heart rate, measuring blood pressure and analyzing sugar.

– Blood analysis.

Thyroid analysis.

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Treatment of hyperhidrosis in children

Treatment for hyperhidrosis varies from child to child, depending on the cause. Available treatment options include:

Topical antiperspirants.

Oral anticholinergics.

Botox injections.

Surgical intervention to remove the sweat glands.

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