excellent ally in all seasons

Chicken is a food that can be brought to the table in all seasons, an excellent ally for our health and recommended in weekly diets

The chicken diet (photo from the web)

In a precedent article we have already seen how white meats, due to their composition, are suitable for all ages and ideal from a very young age due to the richness of noble proteins, iron and B vitamins, with the advantage of having a lower percentage of fats. Chicken is certainly one of these.

Especially in Italy the chicken it is a safe food because it is raised on the ground, through a control system of all stages of the production process, from feed, through breeding, to the distribution of points of sale. Furthermore, almost all of the chicken we eat in Italy is produced in our country.

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That chicken is an excellent ally for our diet is also confirmed by Unaitalia (National Union of Agri-food Industries of Meat and Eggs), the association that protects and promotes the Italian agri-food supply chains of meat and eggs, together with the various nutritionists who recommend in various food programs with at least 3-4 servings per week.

Chicken: excellent ally in the diet

The chicken diet (photo from the web)
The chicken diet (photo from the web)

Why should chicken be added to our weekly diet? Let’s see together its countless benefits for the body:

  • High digestibility: the reduced collagen content allows the body to quickly assimilate the nutrients present;
  • High amount of protein: it is a food that manages to cover the daily needs of proteins (between 0.75-1.0 g per kilo of body weight), ensuring the supply of all essential amino acids;
  • Food suitable for those who wish to undertake a diet: its fat content varies from 1 to 6 grams per 100 g of product. The ratio between unsaturated and saturated fats is equal to 0.92, a value very close to that recommended (around 1) for a diet prescribed by nutritionists;
  • Reduced calories made: the chicken breast provides 100 calories per hectogram, the turkey breast 107 kcal per 100 g while the thigh 120 kcal per hectogram.

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Roast chicken (photo from the web)
Roast chicken (photo from the web)

Last but not least, however, it should be considered that when following a diet it is also important to choose the best cooking method, for example the oven or the grill, but always to be combined with a good dose of vegetables to satisfy the right daily requirement of fibers and minerals. .

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