ex-wife of Priluchny in a spectacular evening dress was published

The actress chose an unusual ball gown for a secular evening. She attracted attention to herself.

Agatha Mutseniece. Photo: instagram.com/agataagata/

Agatha Mutseniece has long been a famous actress. She has starred in films and TV shows more than once. But many fans still love her for her role in the movie “Closed School”. Moreover, for almost 10 years she was married to Paul Priluchny.

Despite having two children, they divorced last year. According to Agatha, she had to go through a number of unpleasant moments, which she decided not to endure anymore.

Over the past time, the actress began to act more in films and participate in television projects. Moreover, she herself admitted that she began to dress more feminine. She now has a lot of mini-skirts and dresses in her wardrobe. And on the eve in Moscow the award of the magazine “OK” took place.

Muceniece appeared at the event in a spectacular black dress. She accentuated her waist by wearing a fluffy layered skirt. Also, a top made of light organza adorned her look.

Agatha Mutseniece. Photo: instagram.com/agataagata/

“Yesterday was a wonderful evening. Award More than stars according to the magazine “OK”. I probably haven’t felt so beautiful for a long time, ”the star shared.

Fans admired how the actress looks. Many showered the ex-wife of Priluchny with compliments. “Pretty woman”, “She looks like a Spanish girl”, “Agatha, incredible beauty”, “Beautiful dress, beautiful you”, “How it goes!”, “Hollywood star”, “Taste, beauty, sincerity”, “Agatha, of course you look gorgeous as always, but a smile suits you more, “the subscribers commented on the post.

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