Entertainment Ex-singer Kasabian admits attack on former fiancé

Ex-singer Kasabian admits attack on former fiancé


Tom Meighan, the lead singer of the British band Kasabian, has pleaded guilty to court in a domestic violence case. It was previously revealed that Meighan is leaving the band to tackle his personal demons.

Meighan (39) had to come to the court in Leicester on Tuesday to explain an incident on April 9. That night a child called the emergency number to report a case of domestic violence.

The prosecutor explained how Meighan’s then-fiancé Vikki Ager was injured in the “sustained attack” on her knees, elbow, ankle and red spots were found on her neck. The singer himself would have smelled strongly of alcohol.

Meighan denied the attack until police showed him surveillance footage. It showed how he hit Ager and dragged her by the ankles to the backyard. The singer pleaded guilty on Tuesday and was sentenced to 200 hours of community service. He must also complete a rehabilitation course for five days and pay £ 90 to the victim and £ 85 in court fees. No restraining order was issued.

Farewell to Kasabian

Kasabian said on Monday that the band members had jointly decided that Meighan will leave the band. “He struggles with personal problems that have been determining his behavior for some time. He now wants to use his full energy to get his life back on track, “the rock band said in a statement.

Meighan and guitarist Serge Pizzorno founded the group in 1997 at Leicester High School. Together with bassist Chris Edwards, they are the only members who have always been in the band, who released six albums between 2004 and 2017 and closed the Glastonbury festival in 2014.

Interviews were usually given by the outgoing Pizzorno. Meighan has previously suffered from depression and burnout, in 2016. What his departure means for the seventh record, which the band would record this year, and future performances, is not yet clear.


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