Ex-partner of Fernández Noroña says that the deputy has five relatives hired in San Lázaro

And he did not rule out that the legislator receives benefits from private companies; “I will do absolutely nothing, because it was my wife,” said the petista.

“I will do absolutely nothing, because it was my wife,” deputy Gerardo Fernando Noroña turned to the accusations against his former employee Martha Angélica Ojeda, who He did not rule out that the legislator receives benefits from private companies.

The woman and Martín Luis Nolasco Serrano, both ex-workers of the Labor Party legislator (PT), mocked the security personnel to enter the session hall of the Chamber of Deputies and face him when he was sitting in his seat, which they handed him a bag with eggs.

Martha Ojeda said he had a labor lawsuit against Fernández Noroña, whom he accused of having three brothers and two nephews hired in the Chamber of Deputies.

He said that in a suspicious way, the legislator is promoting initiatives that favor large mining companies with their initiative of silver coins so that they are commonly used. Questioned where do you get resources to finance his 170 trips that, they said, he was documented in less than a year, and accompanied by four or five people, in addition to staying in luxury hotels.

However, the legislator rejected the accusations of who was known as the “501 deputy” in the LXI Legislature from 2009 to 2012, when Martha Angelica I worked as secretary of Noroña.

He said that in the case of Luis Nolasco, he was the one who presented the resignation and will denounce him criminally for the theft of 90 thousand pesos.

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“The case of Martha Angelica, is my ex-wife, worked with me (…), I defended her from cowardly accusations and today she lends herself to the pounding against me, it is unfortunate,” he emphasized. Held that has no proof because she lies and assured that she “fought with another very beautiful former co-worker of mine.”

The former legislator, Martín Luis Nolasco Serrano, denounced that Fernández Noroña he fired them without just cause and without giving them any liquidation, despite working with him since 2011.

He was his photographer, in addition to being responsible for managing his social networks. He said the petista deputy never gave them social security no benefits and he even accused him of having stolen equipment.

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