Ex-partner of boyfriends came to justice for custody of their dogs: A visitation regime was established

02 jul. 2022 – 10:30 hrs.

What happened?

The 8th Civil Court of Santiago accepted a lawsuit to establish the shared ownership of two pets belonging to an ex-couple of boyfriends.

The legal action was filed after both involved decided to end their 5-year relationship, subsequently generating a series of complications regarding the care of their two dogs, Igor and Bamboo.

The story of Igor and Bamboo

According to the newspaper LUNthe plaintiff Nicholas Baezaa commercial pilot, bought a shit tzu dog in 2015, being baptized Igor and later registered by her partner in the Vitacura Pet Social Registry, leaving her in the database as the sole owner.

Later, Igor participated in an assisted fertilization with a female, and one of the offspring was adopted to accompany its father, baptizing it as Bamboo. Although the procedure was also paid for by Baeza, his partner appears as the only owner of the dog.

After five years, their relationship came to an end, beginning a series of complications in the custody of the pets. Initially, they decided that each one should keep one of the animals, which, according to the plaintiff, generated a emotional discomfort in Igor, to the point of suffering “screaming, crying and anguish in general”.

Later, they agreed that both dogs would stay with the ex-partner, establishing a visiting regime in which Nicolás could take them to his house for a weekend. That was the case for two years, until she contacted him to tell him that she no longer wanted to continue with the agreement.

The lawsuit ensures that Baeza sent her several emails to find a solution, arguing that the absence of her pets was “doing her too much harm and has reached the point of interfering with my work and personal life”, however, she did not respond. .

“Part of my family”

According to the titular judge Sylvia Papa, both owners must participate in the tuition: “Since the ownership of Igor and Bambú in community corresponds to the plaintiff and the defendant, it is in all justice that both can keep them under their protection and shared care, equally”ordering the dogs to pass three with months with him, the following with herand so on.

“The truth is that I cannot see them as sons, but they are part of my family. They are not only the pets of the house,” Nicolás Baeza assured the aforementioned medium, adding that both are “an unconditional company”.

“Initially, I had Igor and with him I formed a very close and strong bond, emotionally speaking. He was one of the dogs that followed me to the door when I went to work and stayed there waiting for me”, while Bambú “is a unruly”, who likes to “play, bite and break things”.

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