ex-musician Rastorguev can no longer hide the truth

Terrible details of the man’s life have become known.

While Lube is well-known and is the president’s favorite group, its former member vegetates in poverty. Yuri Ripyakh does not even have money for household needs – a talented drummer who has been on the same stage with Nikolai Rastorguev for a long time lives in a homeless shelter.

In the past, Ripyakh even promoted pop stars of the 90s – Bogdan Titomir, Alena Sviridova and Inna Zhelannaya. Then he could not even think that his beloved colleagues would forget him.

Now he is blind in one eye, the other can barely see, and the musician lives in an orphanage in Novoshakhtinsk, from where he is going to be transferred to a boarding school. There are no relatives left, and friends from the group support only with invitations to concerts.CP».

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