Ex-husband and spare husband of’Penha 2’who don’t know what to do after meeting Kim So-yeon’s’Chin husband’ (video)

SBS’Penthouse 2′

[인사이트] Reporter Kim Nam-ha = Actor Kim So-yeon in’Penthouse 2’showed both her husband and her husband in the drama and were ashamed.

In the SBS’Penthouse 2’making video released on the 2nd, a scene where Lee Sang-woo, who made a special appearance as a reporter, meets Um Gi-jun (played by Joo Dan-tae), and ex-husband Yoon Jong-hoon (played by Ha Yoon-cheol), who made a special appearance as a reporter.

On this day, Kim So-yeon (as Cheon Seo-jin) laughed and said, “(Husband) is still not watching TV, but meeting these two at once. What should I do?”

Then Yoon Jong-hoon asked, “Isn’t it okay though,” and Kim So-yeon responded, “Both are the same.”


InsightSBS’Penthouse 2′

Soon afterwards, Lee Sang-woo, Kim So-yeon’s real husband, appeared at the filming site.

Kim So-yeon introduced Lee Sang-woo as “my husband” and was embarrassed to see Um Gi-jun and Yoon Jong-hoon.

Then Um Gi-jun laughed embarrassingly, saying, “It’s getting really small.

Yoon Jong-hoon was also very awkward.


InsightSBS’Penthouse 2′

When Kim So-yeon, who was introducing her husband, kept coming to their side, Yoon Jong-hoon said, “Why do you keep coming this way. Go that way” and sent Kim So-yeon to Lee Sang-woo’s side, causing laughter.

Kim So-yeon, who is surrounded by three husbands and doesn’t know what to do, is cute, while her husband Lee Sang-woo also shows that she doesn’t know what to do because she is shy.

Meanwhile, in’Penthouse 2′, while Cheon Seo-jin is about to have a wedding with Ju Dan-tae, who had an affair, her ex-husband, Ha Yoon-cheol, returned to Hera Palace after remarrying with Oh Yoon-hee (Yujin) and again heralded the turmoil.

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