Ex-hurricane Ida causes terrible flooding in New York!

Historic flash floods occurred Wednesday at the end of the day at New York, causing un chaos total in one of the most iconic and populous cities in the world.

The videos show how the situation in New York is serious. Videos have also quickly started to go viral on social networks, with apocalyptic images huge bodies of water entering different metro stations.

Water flooded various arteries in the big city and succeeded to completely cover several cars, also entering the homes of thousands of residents. In addition, the bad weather caused la suspension de l’US Open with the match played by Argentinian Diego Schwartzman against Kevin Anderson.

These adverse weather conditions are linked to the remains of Hurricane Ida advancing on the United States, the powerful hurricane that hit the Louisiana last Sunday in category 4.

The local weather service has issued several warnings of severe storms, flash floods and even tornadoes in New York State.

In particular, they issued a “flash flood emergency” warning for New York, Brooklyn and the Queens, potentially affecting more than 9 million people, 1,723 schools and 71 hospitals, and reported via their official Twitter account that there was no previous type of notice for this region.



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