Ex-Commander Wagner Sees Comrades Gunshot While Fleeing from Battlefields in Ukraine


A former commander of Russia’s Wagner Group mercenary group has testified of comrades being shot at trying to flee a battlefield in Ukraine. Photos/REUTERS/Photo Files

OSLO – A former commander of a mercenary group Wagner Group Russia has spoken of how he witnessed comrades being fired upon while trying to flee the front line in Ukraine .

The former Wagner commander, Andrei Medvedev, has fled to Norway. His lawyer, Brynjulf ​​Risnes, revealed Medvedev’s testimony to Reuters.

Medvedev escaped by crossing the Russian-Norwegian border on 13 January. He said he feared for his life after witnessing what he said was the killing and mistreatment of Russian prisoners brought to the Ukrainian battlefield to fight for Wagner.

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Medvedev is living in a secret location in the Oslo area after being released from custody on Wednesday, following an “argument” with police about the steps being taken to ensure his safety.

Risnes told Reuters that Medvedev had seen some “very dire” situations when he fought for the Wagner Group last fall.

“He had witnessed the shooting of his colleagues while he was watching because they were trying to escape,” Risnes said in an interview, citing Medvedev.

“The Russians are slowly accepting what happened,” said Risnes, who was quoted on Friday (27/1/2023).

“Her life was chaotic and dangerous and very stressful for a very long time,” added Risnes. “Especially, of course, during the fall when he was in Ukraine with the Wagner group.”

“But of course, his life was also not easy before,” he explained.

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