Ex-astronaut Walter – “Elon Musk will fly to Mars with NASA in the 1930s”

Former astronaut Ulrich Walter thinks it is conceivable that entrepreneur Elon Musk and NASA managed to fly to Mars in the 1930s.

Walter is now a professor at the Technical University of Munich. He said on Deutschlandfunk culture, the pressure on the planned missions is very high and competition is good in itself. Mars missions cannot be mastered through competition, but only through cooperation. This is also due to the enormous financial outlay. Elon Musk and his “Space X” project must also be taken seriously. He could handle the technology, but the costs even exceeded Musk’s possibilities. That is why, according to Walter, Musk will probably fly to Mars together with NASA in the 1930s.

Ulrich Walter answered no to the question of whether he was flying to Mars himself today: “If I sit in there, I know I would never come back to Earth – and I don’t want that.” Because the technologies are still not reliable enough.

Four missions in 2020 alone

A total of four unmanned missions to Mars are planned for 2020. Between July and August, the red planet and earth will be so close that the flight will only take six to ten months.

If you look at the statistics of the previous Mars missions, Ulrich Walter indicated that it was pretty bad. By the 1980s, only 50 percent of all missions had been successful. This is also because the descent to the surface of Mars is so difficult – because of gravity. The gravity of Mars is much larger than that of the moon. To land smoothly, special technologies are required, many of which have failed.

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