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Ewout Genemans is confident that the documentary about Nicky Verstappen can be broadcast on Sunday and Monday evenings. The presenter and documentary maker tells this on Sunday in the NPO Radio 1 program the Perstribune following the summary proceedings that Jos B has engaged to prevent the broadcast.

“It’s not that we were in a panic yesterday when this happened. We’ve been working on this documentary for years and we’ve thought about every shot and every possible scenario. The police and the judiciary are very careful about broadcasting something like this. Good Agreements made about it. What will be broadcast tonight is something we all support. I have a good feeling that we will just broadcast it “, said Genemans.

Also, according to him, the documentary is not specifically about Jos B. “The documentary is not about the case and whether Jos B is guilty. We follow the police investigation, from the first evidence to the verdict of last week. It is about all people who have been doing that work all these years. “

B.’s lawyer Adi van Koningsveld asks for a ban because, according to him, B. is presented as the perpetrator, while an appeal follows. The documentary would also violate the privacy of B. Van Koningsveld argues that there is “unlawful conduct” by RTL and No Pictures Please.

The presenter calls the step “a little late”. “Jos B.’s lawyers had been aware for months that the documentary was being made.”

Genemans spent three years with the investigation team for the documentary. The two-part movie, The Nicky Verstappen case: Behind the scenes in the police investigation, is scheduled for Sunday and Monday evenings on RTL4.

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