Ewelina Flinta and Alicja Janosz together. There is a photo of the stars of the Idol show [INSTAGRAM]

Ewelina Flinta She stole the hearts of Poles with her performances in the first edition of “Idol”. And although her hit “Regret” was played by radio stations long after the program ended, she did not repeat this success. What is he doing now?

Ewelina Flinta rarely appears on the covers of colorful magazines and on the walls. However, he keeps in touch with fans on social media and his own good friends from the first edition of “Idol”. Flinta has just appeared on Instagram together with the winner of the premiere edition of “Idol” Alicja Janosz and her husband Bartosz.

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Ewelina Flinta and Alicja Janosz in one photo

Apart from the artist’s most die-hard fans, most would not recognize Ewelina Flinta today. How is it presented? Take a look at the photo below.

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As you can see, time is kind to Ewelina Flinta. It is hard to believe that the singer will turn 41 this year. Interestingly, Alicja Janosz also decided to publish a photo with Ewelina Flinta on her Instagram, this time without her husband. They both look delightful.

Fans of both artists reacted immediately to the joint photo of Ewelina Flinta and Alicja Janosz. In addition to the admiration for the beauty of the participants of the “Idol” program, they proposed a joint duo.

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Who is Ewelina Flinta? Music career of the singer from the “Idol” program

Ewelina Flinta started her career in the 90s as a vocalist of such bands as Alioth, Dobre Piwo and Surprise. However, it began to triumph for good in 2002. It was then that she took second place in the first Polish edition of the “Idol” program. The singer released two studio albums: “Destiny” (2003) and “You don’t know me” (2005). Her biggest hits include songs such as: “I regret”, “Destiny”, “Chasing the shadow” or “You don’t know me”.

In February 2008, together with Łukasz Zagrobelny, she recorded the song “Nie lie, you love me” for the romantic comedy “Nie lie, darling”. The song turned out to be a hit and won many awards. For a decade, the singer has avoided commercial projects and keeps away from Show business and does not give interviews, which does not mean that she has abandoned music.

Photo: Onet

Flinta and Zagrobelny in a duet

In August 2018, Ewelina Flinta recorded the song “Tell Me Why”, which is inspired by the dramatic stories of three women who experienced, among others, domestic violence. The music video for it was released on March 4, 2019. Unfortunately, it did not reach such popularity as the previous Flinta songs.

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