Evgenia Vlasova from “Dances with stars” sat for seven hours to turn into Angelina Jolie: “It’s so difficult”

Famous singer Evgenia Vlasova told how she was made up under the image of Angelina Jolie Maleficent

As reported Politeka.net, the famous Ukrainian singer Yevgenia Vlasova for the new broadcast “Dances with stars” turned into Maleficent. As it turned out, the image of Angelina Jolie from the film took seven hours to create and it was very difficult. Zhenya told about this in the back show after the performance.

According to Evgenia, he and Max Leonov had to stage the dance in such a way that there were no turns through the arm, otherwise the long black horns could fly off her head. The singer also noted that she was made up for seven hours under the image of Angelina Jolie from the film Maleficent.

“Today I sat on the makeup for seven hours. I had to sit for seven hours for everyone to do this to me. It’s difficult. It’s so difficult, Lord,” Vlasova shared.

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