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Everything Will Smith should do to get back to his healthy figure

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Will Smith He is one of those actors for whom the years did not seem to pass … until he published a photo on his Instagram account recently where shows the ravages of quarantine in his figure. “I’m going to be honest with all of you, I’m in the worst physical shape of my life. This is the body that carried me through an entire pandemic and countless days attacking the pantry. I love this body, but I want to feel better. No more midnight muffins… I’ll get fitter than ever! ”, She announced and explained that she was going to show her progress through videos on YouTube where she would share both her workouts and her diet.

As expected, half the world has gone to work to try to help him, sending him all kinds of routines through direct messages. But leaving aside the ideas of his followers, what there is no doubt is that to lose weight there are no miracle diets that are worth, the formula is very simple: create a caloric deficit, or what is the same, eat fewer calories than are consumed. For this, it is key to learn to eat and leave the word ‘diet’ aside, because what it would be about would be create a change of habits.

In the first weeks of the plan, it would be appropriate to increase your protein intake with meats, white fish and vegetables that, in addition to being satiating, will favor the creation of muscle (with a suitable fitness plan) and the loss of fat. On the other hand, you should put sugars aside – and all kinds of processed ones – and take only those that come naturally in fruits and vegetables.

He would also have to do without alcohol and resort to foods that help contribute to abdominal bloating such as pineapple or fennel. Keep in mind that it is a progressive process, so meals should not be too restrictive or else you will end up getting tired and throwing all your work overboard.

Sport, essential

When looking to define the figure and increase muscle mass, as would be the case with Smith, it is crucial to supplement the diet with an exercise routine 3-4 days a week. This is how the coach Gemi Osorio, owner of the “Pilates and movement” center located in the capital, explains it. The expert comments that one of the key points for fat loss is to look for interval training -such as routines HIIT– that accelerate the metabolism (forcing it to continue working at full capacity even after training has finished), and not focus efforts only on cardio.

“It will not hurt to carry out circuitos ‘full body’ in which all the muscles of the body will be worked and in which both upper and lower part exercises will be combined. These can go for work times or repetitions and are usually combinations of multi-joint exercises. I would recommend doing it about three days a week ”, he points out.

The actor wants to regain his figure – © Gtres

It also advises to introduce other globals such as High pulley pulls, close row, free-weight squats, push-ups and triceps, abdominal plank, or push-press work with which different muscle groups are activated. In addition, he adds that resistance work, cardiovascular work, and again elongation and mobility work should be included in the routine to work all muscle groups. He also adds that, when it comes to strength training, you should start with not very high loads so that the body gradually adapts.

A routine to burn to the maximum

For those who, like the actor, seek to burn a good handful of calories and get their whole body working, he recommends an easy and effective routine that can be done without equipment and anywhere.

1 minute of work and 10 seconds of rest / 3 rounds

1. Triceps curl

2. Race on site

3. Skater

4. Jump squat

5. Box jump / or a bench if done outdoors

6. Lunges with jump

7. Mountain climbers

8. Jumping Jacks

9. Burpees

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