“Everyone smooched to Elvis” – Freiburg

BZ-INTERVIEW with disc jockey Ralph Neubert about his time in Freiburg and the P 7, which was one of the first discotheques in the city in the 1960s.

FREIBURG. It was considered a disreputable place: Freiburg’s half-world of the 1960s is said to have entered and left the discotheque P7. From 1968 to 1969 Ralph Neubert played beat music and rock’n’roll there. After his career as a disc jockey, he worked as a communications electronics technician. Today the 74-year-old lives in the Palatinate. He spoke to Bernhard Amelung about how wild the P7 on Bertoldstrasse really was.

BZ: When did you come to Freiburg?
Neubert: My engagement in the P 7 discotheque began on February 7, 1968. At that time the employment office had an artist service that brokered disc jockeys. But the job wasn’t called that yet.

BZ: What was the correct name?
Neubert: record-keeping solo entertainer.

BZ: How did you get there?
Neubert: There is no training for this. Either you are or you are not. I’ve always been an extrovert and was interested in music.

BZ: How did Freiburg affect you in the 1960s?
Neubert: Freiburg was known as a student city for its beautiful young women. But that was not the main reason why I moved to Breisgau …

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