Every Square Meter of Earth’s Surface Can Generate 100 Watts of Electricity from Solar Radiation

JAKARTA, iNews.id – Harvesting the abundant energy in nature is an easy breakthrough that anyone can make. But this is rarely thought of.

Solar energy for example, on average every square meter of the earth’s surface receives 1,000 watts of solar radiation on a sunny day. If caught with a harvester solar (solar panels) which have only 10 percent efficiency, power electricity the resulting can reach 100 watts.

This amount of power is equivalent to powering 10 10-watt bulbs. Unfortunately, so far the surface area at home has been wasted.

“It’s time for us as a community to start caring about the environment by implementing the use of generators solar power roof on a private house. Not only improving environmental health, installing systems PLTS The roof can also reduce electricity bill costs by up to 30 percent,” said Chairman of the Indonesian Smart Network Initiative and Commissioner of ATW Solar Eddie Widiono in a press statement, Sunday (14/6/2021).

Seeing this, ATW Solar is trying to provide education by establishing a Solar Power Plant (PLTS) showroom. The public can see the real conditions of installing solar panels, as well as device models for the use of on grid systems (solar energy integrated with PLN), hybrid systems (a mixture of integration with PLN and batteries), and off grid systems (solar energy storage via batteries).

Editor : Dani M Dahwilani



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