Everton’s position in the Premier League after another game with James Rodríguez

Little by little the recovery of Everton in the Premier League. On the day that he had again James Rodriguez in the headline, he won and was 4 points behind first place.

When the season started, Everton in the league they beat Tottenham (0-1), West Bromwich (5-2), Crystal Palace (1-2) and Brighton & Hove Albion (4-2). He added 12 out of 12 and reached first place. Then he forgot to win. He went 4 days without doing it and began a fall from which he is already recovered. Today he is in the group of qualifying positions for the Champions League.

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It’s that he won 5 of his recent 6 commitments! They defeated Chelsea (1-0), Leicester City (0-2), Arsenal (2-1), Sheffield United (0-1) and Wolverhampton (1-2). They only fell to West Ham (0-1). Currently the team that has Yerry Mina and James Rodríguez is fourth.

Those who outperform Everton (32 points) in the standings are: Manchester United (36), Liverpool (33) and Leicester City (32), all with 17 games played. Down and with fewer games and the possibility of beating the Toffees, are Tottenham (29 points and one game less); and Manchester City (29 and two games less).

2020-21 Premier League standings


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