EVERSPACE 2 Release Date Announced

ROCKFISH Games announced the release date Everspace 2i.e. April 6, 2023.

This information was announced by ROCKFISH Games through its social networks. If you are interested in the latest games, you can check out our other articles Here.

Deskripsi EVERSPACE 2

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Everspace 2 is a game Fast paced single player spaceship shooter with valuable exploration in space and on planets, tons of treasure, RPG elements, mining and crafting. Experience a thought-provoking sci-fi story in a vibrant open world full of secrets, puzzles and danger.

In this campaign, you will be friends with several friends who have their own stories. They’ll join you on side missions and provide certain end-game perks, where cutthroat encounters and brutal challenges stand between you and the next epic loot.

Some of the main features:

  • Embark on an exciting journey – Discover exotic species, solve mysteries, find hidden treasures and defend your valuables from hordes of baddies. But don’t get cocky: there will be plenty of high-risk/high-reward areas waiting for you, where getting hold of ultra-special gear and making it out alive will require some serious driving skills and all your flair for improvisation. .
  • Let the lasers do the talking – Smash enemies through EVERSPACE: Dodge, run, roll, and upgrade weapons that fire in intense dogfights, leaving only a trail of space debris. Use a variety of weapons and abilities to defeat a variety of opponents, from drones, fighter jets, heavy bombers and powerful warships to ships with large capitals. Always look around and use the environment to your advantage and achieve victory even if you are outnumbered.
  • make your own world – Enter the world EVERSPACE and browse at will. Cluster 34 is full of main and side quests, activities, events and secrets to explore. So fire up your hyperdrive and forge your legacy among the stars.
  • Do it your way – Expand your personal ship collection from a nearly infinite ship inventory consisting of several unique ship classes and optimize your builds to perfection. Cleverly combine modules, weapons, gadgets and perks to suit your current play style and goals.
  • Epic loot awaits – Look for the next best gear and be prepared to constantly re-evaluate your current setup. Find a serve that suits your playing style, but be prepared to leave your comfort zone and try something new. Be prepared to discover and exploit synergistic effects between equipment, facilities, devices and ships to maximize your potential.
  • From rags to riches – Travel the world for the best deals on certain commodities, become the part-time trader you always wanted to be. However, prices fluctuate based on supply and demand, so it’s best to check the latest offers before heading into the next trading season. Always be on the lookout for ambushes during interstellar travel.

EVERSPACE 2 release date

Sumber: ROCKFISH Games

Until here, Everspace 2 is our largest and most ambitious project at ROCKFISH Games and the result of five years of hard work into its development, two of which are in Early Access.

With our release date revealed, we can see the light at the end of the tunnel where our amazing community and players around the world who are new to the franchise will be able to experience this adventure filled with beautiful, attractive spaces and local battles – beautiful locations outside space to explore.

We’ve invested a sizable eight-figure budget into creating the game we’ve always wanted to make, and the team is now working hard to finalize and perfect all of the content on launch day to perfection. Beyond the last chapter of history Everspace 2there’s still so much to see!

Michael Schade, CEO ROCKFISH Games

Regarding the canceled PS4 and Xbox One versions, Schade said:

Our vision for Everspace 2 taking us beyond the limitations of previous generation consoles. Our team has spent a lot of time trying to create an experience that will satisfy our fans on Xbox One and PS4, but scaled back Everspace 2 because the platform will not reach the level of quality we want.

We’ll be reaching out to supporters supporting getting a copy on the console during the Kickstarter lifetime to ensure their interest remains in the PS5 and Xbox Series X versions and offer a refund if they don’t have access to those platforms.

Michael Schade, CEO ROCKFISH Games

Everspace 2 will be released on PC (Steam, GOG, Microsoft Store) on April 6, 2023. PS5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S versions will be released in Summer 2023.

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