Everest Technologies Recognized by Manhattan Associates for Business Services

COLUMBUS, Ohio–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Everest Technologies announced today that it has been recognized as Business Services Partner of the Year by Manhattan Associates. The awards were presented at Manhattan Associates’ annual Momentum 2022 event, which took place May 23-25 ​​in Florida.

At Momentum 2022, several partners were recognized for their exceptional work in delivering the highest quality solutions and services that address complex business challenges while continuously driving success, quality and return on investment for customers.

Commenting on the award obtained, Eric Lamphier, Senior Director of Alliances, said, “Manhattan Associates is committed to developing, supporting, and rewarding innovations that help establish a seamless supply chain and improve the end-consumer experience. Aware of the added value of our robust network of partners, we are proud of the innovative and efficient solutions they develop to allow our customers to seamlessly pursue their business journey. »

“We are passionate and committed to our plans to build the best supply chain and best practice in omnichannel professional services globally. Winning Partner of the Year reinforces our commitment to providing top-notch services to our customers. And we sincerely appreciate Manhattan’s recognition of the hard work of all of our employees to achieve this,” said Vineet Arya, president of Everest Technologies.

Everest Technologies has been a partner of Manhattan Associates for 4 years. Manhattan Associates is backed by a global network of consulting, services, and technology partners, and is committed to building solution-focused, efficient, and transparent partnerships that drive supply chain growth. .

About Everest Technologies

Founded in 1997, Everest Technologies is a forward-thinking technology company that provides custom solutions, services and talent to help customers navigate the digital transformation of their business and supply chain solutions. The company is focused on delivering IT solutions for retail and supply chain, helping players accelerate technology adoption to grow and scale.

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About Manhattan Associates

Manhattan Associates is a technology leader in supply chain and omnichannel commerce. The company unifies information across the enterprise, converging upstream sales with downstream supply chain execution. Our software, platform technologies and unparalleled experience enable our customers to drive both revenue growth and profitability.

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