Ever let the Gouden Koets drive again? ‘King does not want to take sides’

The king’s decision is striking in several respects, explains reporter Royal House Jozephine Trehy. Firstly, such a thing is normally never announced by video message, but via a press release. “You could say that Willem-Alexander tries to keep up with the times and that this form comes across as more personal. It also gives more weight to the decision.”


She also notices that the king keeps an opening with his formulation: the carriage will be able to drive again when the Netherlands is ready. “It remains unclear what exactly needs to happen in the public discussion in the coming years so that the Golden Coach can be used again,” says Trehy.

“It is also clear that Willem-Alexander does not want to take sides, and as king he cannot do that either. It is the king’s role to connect. But that is difficult in a discussion where people are so directly opposed to each other.” The opponents of the coach say: it refers to our colonial slavery past and is offensive. While proponents say: it is our cultural heritage and tradition.


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