Events | Malaga Fire: Outbreaks of solidarity in the heart of the Sierra

Malaga fire

The neighboring towns of the evicted towns turn to help the people who have had to leave their homes due to the fire

Even in the worst of fires, when the ground turns black, green shoots can emerge. In the heart of Sierra Bermeja, as in any catastrophe, the best of human beings beats: solidarity.

Airana (6 years old) and Samuel (11) yesterday put a face to empathy. Two children from Sabinillas who, from their home, see the forest burn and hear that there is a group of men and women fighting to stop the fire.

«Hello» heroes «, the letter begins,» from our terrace we see the evolution of the fire and your tireless work. We continually ask that this nightmare end. I hope it will be soon”. The letter ends like this: »We want to send you much encouragement and strength to continue. Thank you very much for your work, for taking care of us and protecting us «.

Clara and Rocío, two girls more or less the same age, even approached the Advanced Command Post (PMA), in the Estepona Congress Center, to hand over to those responsible for the device some drawings that they have dedicated to them thanking them. .

Infoca shared on its Twitter account that, in Estepona, a City Council lawyer, an optometrist from San Pedro Alcántara, a Carrefour cashier and a Civil Protection coordinator went to the Estepona Conference Center to prepare sandwiches. «Words do not come out and we do get the occasional tear. How generous is the Costa del Sol ”, he published on his social network.

In Algatocín, where the first evicted people arrived, several municipal spaces were set up, such as the youth room or the gym. From that moment on, many residents of the town came with everything they needed for breakfast, such as coffee, bread, juice, milk or cookies.

All the food was stored in the young point, the old town library, where the bags that people were carrying with other types of products accumulated, in anticipation that the eviction could be prolonged.

In Algatocín there is a supermarket, ‘Super Valle del Genal’, which, due to its size, serves not only the town but also those in the surrounding area, which also devoted itself to donating food for families who had had to be evacuated from their homes.

At noon, the residents of this town organized themselves to make a paella with which to feed these people. The neighbors were more nervous to help than the evicted themselves.

But the wave of solidarity did not end there. Towns in the area, such as Benarrabá, Gaucín, Cortes de la Frontera or Benalauría, used the municipal vehicles to bring to Algatocín all the items that the residents of their localities were donating to Algatocín.

The residents of Algatocín opened their houses wide to accommodate the evacuees, although most were able to settle in the homes of relatives in the area and, those who were not, were referred to Ronda.

The City of the Tagus also took care of the evicted and numerous neighbors -especially from the brotherhoods- volunteered to help the evicted or bringing food.

In fact, the mayor, María de la Paz Fernández, thanked this trend of solidarity – “I am very proud of Ronda and of all the towns in the region,” she said – and even had to ask that no more food be sent because no more it was necessary.

Solidarity was also behind the wheel of Raquel Mena’s car, who dedicated herself to taking trips in her private car to take her neighbors from Alpandeire to Ronda when the eviction of her town was announced.

Fran Pérez is a professional ham cutter and was a member of the Military Emergency Unit (UME) -participated in fire fighting in Algeciras and Mojácar, among others- until, in 2010, an accident returning from some maneuvers separated him from active duty . Yesterday, he participated in a cutting contest and dedicated his plate to his colleagues and all those who defend the mountain: «Teaching how to take care of the environment is teaching how to value life. This plate is dedicated to Sierra Bermeja and to all those people who are fighting to save it ». He was third, but the creative award for his dedication.



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