Even their own boards resigned

Head of IMM Department of Cultural Heritage Mahir Polat shared images showing that the body walls of the historical tower were pierced with a hammer drill on his social media account. After the images, IMM officials went to the area and wanted to make examinations in the historical tower, but they were not allowed inside.

The IMM filed a criminal complaint to the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Istanbul Number II Regional Board for the Protection of Cultural Heritage for the restoration work that started without an approved restoration project in the historical tower. It was revealed that former AKP Istanbul Provincial Board Member Sevilay Tuncer Uludağ was the general manager of the company that carried out the restoration. Architect Sinan Genim, member of the scientific board established by the General Directorate of Foundations for the historical tower, announced that the board resigned the previous day.

Speaking to our newspaper, Genim said, “It is not a job to be done. We do not have a signature in the restoration project. As a scientific committee, we examined the restoration project ”. Reacting to the contractor undertaking the project, Genim said, “Is there a scientific side to this? Who can explain what has been done? “This has not caused much damage, but the method of construction is bad,” he said.

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